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I have a 97 grand caravan le 3.8 my fuel rail is leaking just

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I have a 97 grand caravan le 3.8 my fuel rail is leaking just befor the fuel rail where the flex rubber ends. it then goes to the 3/8 line to the fuel rail there is what looks like a one " crimped rubber line then the 2 1/2 long metel line starts going to the fuel rail whitch increses to 3/4 rail. seems like where they crimped it it's leaking where it meets the 3/8 steel line, how can i fix it with SEAL ALL or what would you do i bought a used rail. none of the books i have looked at dose't say anything about the replacement of the fuel rail. I need help
Hi. You are in luck. You should not attempt any kind of repair to the rail, it needs to be replaced. You are in luck because there is a recall for this problem. Recall 895 involves checking these joints for signs of leakage or potential leakage, and if there is, the fuel rail is automatically replaced. Take the van to your dealer (tow it if it is leaking-fire danger), and you'll get your fuel rail replaced under recall 895 for free unless the van has a vin restrcition, like if it was totalled.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I did call they have replaced the two by the throtel body intake and they said it has already been done i have had the van when this was done in 2005 how about the other end on the the side where the quick release flang or whatever that is called. it's not the quick release leaking but 7" or so above that where the rubber house connects to the 3/8 tube will they fix that they used like two hafe moons and house clamps buy the throtel body intake
The two rubber/metal half moons were the seals put over the joints in case they started leaking in the future. the leak on the hose joint may be a different story. They may replace it for you for this, or they may not. Even if they don't I still recommend replacing it over repairing it. If they won't cover it under the recall, I would recommend picking up a new rail kit from the dealer parts department. I would recommend buying the rail kit that is used for the recall, this is pretty inexpensive, maybe cheaper and definitely better than a used one.
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