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I am getting a P1763 govenor pressure sensor voltage to high.

Resolved Question:

I am getting a P1763 govenor pressure sensor voltage to high. Is this a shifter switch in the transmission?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Rmldaytona replied 9 years ago.


What is the engine size? What is the vehicle model?



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
it is a 99 ram 1500 3.9LXXXXX
Expert:  Rmldaytona replied 9 years ago.

thank you


Code P1763 States that the pcm (powertrain control module) noticed the voltage coming from the governor pressure sensor is higher than normal. 4.89V or more for at least 8.5 seconds to be exact .


The governor pressure sensor measures output pressure of the governor pressure solenoid valve. The sensor output signal provides the necessary feedback to the PCM. This feedback is needed to adequately control governor pressure.


To function properly, the sensor needs a good ground, a 5V reference voltage from the pcm (powertrain contor module) , and a signal return wire to the pcm.


So, some basic testing should be conducted. Got a voltmeter?


1. Check the output voltage of the governor pressure sensor Key On Engine Off (KOEO). It should be less than 0.7 volts. If not...

2. check the sensor ground. It should have less than .05V.


3. Check the reference voltage. It should be 5.0V.

3. If the sensor ground and reference signal is OK but the return voltage is off, the governor pressure sensor is faulty.


Now, there is a possibility that the sensor signal is not getting to the pcm due to faulty wiring, so best to test the signals at their destination. Ground and reference signals at the sensor and the signal return at the pcm.


There has also been a tsb (technical service manual) released on false p1763 codes with drivability conditions. This code involves a computer software update. Kind of like a computer bug in the computer.


The sensor is inside the transmission, replacement should only be done by a qualified transmission technician.


Sensor should be about $94.00. Labor should run approx. $160. Plus transmission fluid, cleaners, and gasket/filter kit. Say... $100? If you shoose to have a transmission shop diagnose this problem, expect to pay $85. All prices are general numbers and will vary from shop to shop.





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Expert:  Rmldaytona replied 9 years ago.



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