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1999 Dodge Ram 1500 with 318 engine. P0305 cylinder 5 misfire

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1999 Dodge Ram 1500 with 318 engine. P0305 cylinder 5 misfire for about the last 3 years. Does it on startup and goes away after about 30 seconds or so. Have change the plugs, plug wires, cap, and rotor several times. Nothing has helped. This is not an injector problem. There is no spark at the time the engine is missing and has been confirmed with a timing light.

Hi and welcome to just answer Dodge. Well it looks as though you have eliminated most of the usual things. I have seen this before on the 318 & 360 engines. What I have found is coolant leaking into the cylinder while the engine is off. The next time you start it it misses until the coolant is out of the combustion chamber. One way to check this is to remove The # XXXXX spark plug, disconnect the coil wire and crank the engine over. Look for signs of coolant coming out of the spark plug hole. If you have a cooling system pressure tester, pump up the cooling system and leave it on overnight. If there is coolant leaking into the cylinder this will help force it in there and confirm your diagnosis. I know you said there is no spark, but maybe coolant on the plugs electrode is affecting the secondary voltage some how and tripping up the timing light. Check this and get back to me.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
OK, will have to wait a day or so for me to check but will do and get back with you. I am still a little unsure about this causing there to be no spark, but I can tell you that it has for a long time had a mysterious coolant leak that I coudl never find. Nothing on the engine, nothing on the ground, but nothing out the tail pipe either. Thanks and will let you know

That coolant is going somewhere. You probably don't see it out of the tail pipe because it is such a small amount. Let me know what you find.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Confirmed. I guess this means new head gasket? I would accept and pay you but there is no accept button on the screen here. Let me know what to do and I will.

Well what you should do is to pull the head and take it to a machine shop where they can check it for cracks. If the truck has a lot of miles, It might be wise to pull both heads and have the machine shop do a valve job. And buy an upper end gasket set. I think if I click on my "answer" button you should get an accept button. Let me know if you don't.

Also let me know if you have any more questions Luke,


Thank you,



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
This thing has used coolant since it was new. I have been chasing this problem for 3 years and all everyone would tell me was injectors, which I knew it was not. Just a note, when I pulled the plug it had a black spot on the side of the center electrode ceramic. Never seen that before. Since I will have the heads off anyway, I figured on doing all that you recommended

Sounds good Luke. Glad to be able to help, and if you need any more info let me know. Thanks for the feedback!