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I have a 93 Plymouth Acclaim I..cranks..fuel pump..kick

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I have a 93 Plymouth Acclaim I was driving the other day and it died on me. It cranks but there is no fire and it seems like the fuel pump will kick on the first two time I crank it after leaving the battery unhooked for a while.

Hi kenneybe... welcome to Just Answer!


A few questions to get us started...

  • Did it shut off suddenly, as if the key was turned off?
  • If the car is handy, check to see if the CHECK ENGINE lamp comes on at key-on.
  • Has it run at all since the stall, despite the occasional fuel pump operation?
  • Have you had any repairs done to the car, either for this or other reasons lately?

That should do (for now lol). Write back when you can. Feel free to include any thoughts or feelings concerning the present problem... info is always appreciated!


Talk later,



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
  • 1993 with 2.5L
  • yes it shut off in the middle of turning a corner
  • it does come on at key-on
  • no it cranks but doesn't try to start
  • replaced the tranny a few months back

Thanks Big Dog.


Your info came up later... after I'd sent my post. Sorry for the extra work!


The most common cause for this situation is loss of ignition reference signal... bad distributor pickup plate. If you've got help handy, have someone crank the engine while you manipulate the pigtail that comes out of the distributor. They die most often because of an actual failure of the pigtail rather than the Hall switch within the distributor.


If it still won't go, disconnect the distributor pickup plate and use a pair of needle-nose pliers (convenient) to jumper the two opposite terminals together with the key on. This will simulate a distributor signal and the coil and injector will fire. If you see signs of life with this test, the problem lies closer to the distributor.


Remove the cap and check to see the rotor move when the engine is cranked. A broken timing belt will interrupt ignition reference when nothing happens inside the distributor.


If it turns.. great! Remove the pickup plate (lifts right out) and check for physical damage to the unit. The rotating reluctor below can become loose and whack the pickup plate Hall switch, breaking it. If the reluctor is OK and the plate is intact... replace the pickup plate. It's plug-n-play.


Don't hesitate to write back if you see something else. OK?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
rotor does not turn

Ooof! Looks like timing belt time,Customer


Check your oil first, make sure something shows on the stick. Low oil pressure will affect the camshaft first, possibly seizing it. But if you haven't had the belt replaced in the last 100K or so... probably just a broken belt. No damage will result; your engine is free-wheeling.



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