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Glenn, Technician/Trainer
Category: Dodge
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Experience:  28 years experience, Interprovincially Licenced Motor Vehicle Mechanic and Trainer
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why my 1999 dodge intrepid wont start

Customer Question

why my 1999 dodge intrepid wont start
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Glenn replied 9 years ago.



I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with your Intrepid. Let's see if I can help


I'll need a little information first in order to more clearly understand what the problem is.


Did this engine quit while driving ? Did the car overheat ? (you mentioned waterpump )Approximately how many miles on it?

Are you or a friend working on it or is it currently at a shop?



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I was driving home last week and my car stop. I had my car push to small location to get it out of the street. I notice all my water and coolant came out. I thought maybe I was out of gas, and I had put more in it, but that wasnt it. Then I had it towed to the house. My technician looked at it and said it was the water pump, because all the coolant keep POURING out. He changed my water pump. H e also notice my oil was mixed with water so he changed that and alo put a new oil filter on it. my timing chain gasket was mess up and we changed that also. He put everything back together and tried to start it but it wouldn't. I call firestone today and the told me it could be the crank shack postioning senor. They are trying to charge me 100.00 dollars. I f you think you know PLEASE get back to me.
Expert:  Glenn replied 9 years ago.



Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions.


The information you have provided me gives me a much clearer understanding of what the situation is and has allowed me to suggest a diagnostic approach.


I am sorry to tell you that you should NOT spend any more money on this engine if it has been overheated. If the oil and antifreeze has mixed you have a serious problem. It has been my experience that this 2.7 litre engine does not survive overheats. I am very surprised your mechanic advised you to put a water pump in before he figured out why it wouldn't start. That's very very bad judgement, in my opinion. Did he replace the starter at the same time ?


Don't let anyone "throw" parts at this car. That's a ripoff. A lot of people used to get away with that, but your car is too complex (and it's got too many expensive parts) to deal with this that way.


You need to find a reputable shop to get this tested. Alternately, you need to find someone that knows how to use a voltmeter and get him involved. I can instruct him on how to do some tests to see if we can figure out why this won't start (without replacing a bunch of parts). If you don't know a good shop, tell me what city you are in and I can refer you to a contact who can refer you to a local shop.



How many miles on this car? You may need an engine replacement. If that is the case, you need to check the resale value on the car first. If you were to invest big dollars into this vehicle and it was involved in a collision several weeks after the repair, the insurance company settlement might not cover your investment. Think about this carefully before proceeding , if it comes to that.


So sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Let's not assume the worst yet, though. Let's find out why it won't start.


Please decide which way you want to proceed and get back to me.





Expert:  Glenn replied 9 years ago.

Hi Dawn,


Are you ok? Do you have any questions ?