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2005 Dodge: Wont start..the engine started..engine wont turn

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2005 Dodge SX 2.0 Won't start. The first 3 times I tried, the engine started but died right away. After that the engine won't turn over. The lights stay brigh when I try to start it, however the radio cuts out. There is a single red light blinking on the panel. downloaded a driver manual and it says its something to do with anti-theft alarm, which I don't have installed.
Your research is correct. Your car may not have an alarm system installed, but it does have an antitheft system installed- called a SKIS system (Sentry Key Immobilizer System.) All Chrysler vehicles 2002 and newer were equipped with this system. This system incorporates a chip in the key, coded for only your vehicle. The SKIM module needs to see the correct signal in order to start your car. Here's a description of what has happened:

For all faults except transponder faults and VTSS LED remains on steady. In the event of a transponder fault the LED flashes at a rate of 1 Hz (once per second). If a fault is present the LED will remain on or flashing for the complete ignition cycle. If a fault is stored in SKIM memory which prevents the system from operating properly, the PCM will allow the engine to start and run (for 2 seconds ) up to six times. After the sixth attempt, the PCM disables the starter relay until the fault is corrected.

The problem is that the car isn't seeing the correct signal to start. Unfortunately, the only way to repair/ reset the system is to have access to a dealership scantool. A scantool will be able to pull codes from the SKIM and can tell the mechanic where to look for the cause of the problem. The computer will remain disabled until the fault is fixed, and the computer is reset.

Let me know if you have any more questions!
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Could using a "spare" key today have caused a fault?
Most definately. This would especially happen if the key is not correctly coded to the SKIM. If you recently had the key cut, it would be the fault of the person cutting the key. These keys are only available through the dealership (and are quite pricey.....)
ttiger79 and 4 other Dodge Specialists are ready to help you