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vipertech763, automotive technician
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07 cummins dual mass flywheel removal

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07 cummins dual mass flywheel removal

Good afternoon, inorder to thep you further I need to know exactly what steps are you needing such as just the flywheel removal or entire trans and flywheel removal?


Here is the info for just the flywheel:


1.Remove the transmission.

NOTE: Vehicles with Dual Mass Flywheel use an adapter plate between the flywheel and crank. This plate does not need to be removed.
2.Remove the dust cover bolts (1) and the dust cover (2).

3.Using the access hole, remove each flexplate-to-flywheel bolt (1). Use Barring Tool 7471B to rotate the engine and flywheel.

4.Remove the assembly place the flywheel (1) , clutch disc (2) , and pressure plate (3) assembly on a workbench.

5.Loosen pressure plate bolts (1-8) evenly, a few threads at a time and in a diagonal pattern to prevent warping the plate.
6.Remove the eight pressure plate bolts (1-8) completely and remove pressure plate and disc.
7.Remove the flywheel.


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