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My power window went down and now wont go back up. it..push down

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my power window went down and now won''t go back up. it had been working. occassionally it would go down and in order to get it to go back up you had to push down on the window. it would go down approx. 1/4" and then when you hit the button to go up it would. I mistakenly let it go all the way down into the door and now that trick won''t work. What are my options. It is a 2000 dodge caravan sport.????
...window regulator failure parts range.150-265..which window is it..driver or passenger..switch failure is not as common,but it happens
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to amie4589's Post: it is the driver side. why would it stop once it went all the way too the bottom. it had gone all the way down once before and my wife was able to push down on it and it worked. is regulator failure indicative of having to push the window down a little in order to get it too work? why is that?
..hi- what hppens is the window motor cranks but the assembly..doesnt align..(like a scizzor jack).so it fights back & sometimes the pushing (that worked for you) the window which connects to the window channel.will work a few times..but th result is the window the repair..try this ..drop of white grease applied ..east& west of the window helps..but weather makes this only a band-aid
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