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2000 Dodge 5.9L diesel. Will not start.

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2000 Dodge 5.9L diesel. Will not start. DTC''s are P0336, P1689, P1690. Replaced crank position sensor 3 times no change. Unit ran untill replacing CPS after DTC P0336 showed up after a stalling/ hesitation condition. Any thoughts?

Hello, This is a tough question to answer , The p1689 fault indicates that a communication problem exist between the cummins controller and the injection pump module . The crank sensor faults can be set when the communications is lost or the crank sensor circuits are causing the communications loss. First thing I would do is to swap the fuel control relays in the underhood fuse box with a different one . A poor relay can cause the 1689 fault . I would inspect the wiring for rub thorough , shorts or loose connections. You could have a broken wire or poor connections at the crank sensor or the cummins controller. Be careful when testing the connectors for the fuel injection pump and computers. These connectors can not be replaced because there are no parts availible. If damage to those connectors is found the engine wiring harness would have to be replaced.

If you - when you take it to the dealer , try to find the largest one in your area, They will likely have guys that do diesels only.

If you need more info please reply, Thanks Scott.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
After DTC P0336 developed truck ran well but then we replaced the crank position sensor. That is when truck quit after 5 min. of run time and will not restart regardless of which sensor is currently in the truck. Have already swapped the fuel control relay to no change. What are some tests for voltages or ? that could be made?

Hello, The crank sensor circuit,


graphicYou can test for 5 volts at the cranks sensor, test for ground and continuity on the signal wire. If you have a scan tool that will access the cummins controller, you can jump the 5 volt supply to the signal wire and there should be a reading seen as a rpm change on the scanner.

If the touching together the signal and 5 volt wire does not cause an RPM change . I would make a 3 wire jumper harness and rewire the sensor to the ecm . this would eleminate the possible wire harness failure. The ECM is very robust and does not fail often at all. Most dealer diesel techs will have a test unit they install for tests.

Thanks Scott.

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