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1999 Dodge Dakota...engine turns over but wont ...

Resolved Question:

1999 Dodge Dakota...engine turns over but won''t start...Mech replaced fuel pump..ran for a few days and again won''t start..Mech. says it is now "Body Control Modular" causing problem..needs replacing...Dodge dealer says this BCM is acutally a Timing Alarm Module..Dodge service says this equipment would not be problem..could this be causing fuel pump to shut down or what else could it be...desperate for answer to back up my mechanic . Bill Downing [email protected]
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Scott replied 9 years ago.


We don't have problems with body computer- central timer module causing a no start. We have problem with the engine computer causing a no start problem. I would not buy the body computer.

There is more testing needed . A few tips that might help. when the computer fails internally - it will erase the "starts since set" screen, same as ignition counts . If the computer shows a real low number of starts since the codes erased - thats an indication that the truck computer may be failing.

We also wiggle the connectors at the engine computer and tap on the computer case to see if the engine reacts, If it doers , we replace the computer ,. Also if a sensor circuit gets shorted - by the wires rubbing through to ground, internal sensor failure , or short to voltage . this will cause a stall condition . but the computer will still have response. A no response from engine computer is caused by a loss of power to the engine computer or internal computer failure.

A no response concern is not related to the body computer,

If you need more info, please reply, Thanks Scott.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Scott's Post: I intend to take the truck to a dealer as I am told that they are only ones who can fix it or is this wrong info? The fuel pump was replaced and as I said it will start at times but I am told nothing shows up on the computer this problem fuel related or do you think it is computer problems or other. bad gas mileage and shifting eratically and slight hestitation when up to speed...this was a great vehicle but with less than 50,000 miles it has become a my best bet to take to dealer or stau with my shop..just found out today dealing wiht new owner / all new mechs.
Expert:  Scott replied 9 years ago.

Hello, The dealer has a lot more experience with fixing them. Ands your computer may sill be under warranty . Or the deasler may warranty it for you.

There is a federal emission warranty for 8 yrears, 80,000 miles.

In fo need more info, please reply. Thanks Scott.