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Don 'Mo Lurch'
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2002 Dodge Caravan: Window Regulator..passenger door..driver door

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2002 Dodge Caravan (not grand) Window Regulator - dealer said both needed to be replaced. Problem started with passenger door window not working, followed a few days later by driver door not working. Due to costs of repair I decided to only have the driver door regulator replaced. Driver door window now works fine. Strangely the passenger door window works now too. So what might have caused both windows to stop working that the replacement of one regulator might have fixed? Or was the dealer simply ripping me off and replacing a fuse or putting the cords back in place? Did I pay for a regulator I didn't need or get? In case this matters, though I think it won't this car also had a check engine light on and repairing the broken vacuum line fixed that.

Broken vacuum line normally would bring the MIL (check engine light) on.

As far as the Power Window concern,
(personally) Dodge should have a Recall on the Regulators, because they seem to be a regular problem.
If the Passenger side was bad, chances are the Driver will be next or as bad, if there is no unusual wear that caused it.
Dodge Regulators usually break or the cable runs wear out very fast, causing the window to stop, drop or not work.

I would also want the Window Motor / Regulator replaced as a unit (most are), but some dealers & shops don't

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The dealer replaced ONLY the driver side regulator. They said both were bad and had to be replaced. I couldn't afford to do both so as a compromise I had them do the driver side only.
But suddenly the passenger side (which had nothing done to it) works again. I just tried it to see on the way out of the dealership and it worked and has continued working.
I know about the cable issue having had that fixed on the driver's side previously which is why I mentioned the cords being replaced.
Why would replacing the driver door regulator unit also fix the passenger door window?
Don't think that is what happened.....
I believe it is a coincidence, because, other than voltage (+/-) thru the switch, there is no connection
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
1) window stopped working and was like that for three weeks at least
2) driver's window also stopped working
3) passenger window was not repaired
4) driver window was reportedly repaired at a nice high price by reportedly replacing regulator
5) driver window now works
6) unrepaired passenger window now works

I have a hard time believing it was a miracle.
I'm having a really hard time believing that replacing the driver door regulator fixed the passenger window, which supposedly has a broken regulator in it still, however the controlling switch on both doors works the passenger window now.
I am really hoping for an opinion that will help me talk to the dealer about this.

Not a miracle, a coincidence, because, when the repair was made on the Driver door, the plug & switch was moved, unpluged, pulled, etc., which would or could cause a better or different connection via ground & voltage, since the Passenger Window power & ground come from the driver side first.
Not unusual

As far as the passenger "broken regulator",
If you have physically seen the regulator cable broken or stretched, then I will be the first to admit it is a miracle.
Not trying to argue, but have replaced many of these & what you have described would not be possible, "IF" the regulator was physically observed to be broken & was inoperative.
But if the regulator was not physically shown to be broken, then the Motor, lubrication, drag, etc., could have caused the same problem

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Ah that is what I was looking for. They wanted me to pay to have both regulators replaced. If the passenger door is controlled by the electronics in the driver door then I can see how that might have started the problem with that connection being lost to the passenger door first.
And of course I saw nothing - its a dealership which is about the same in my book as saying they plan to rip you off as much as possible when you walk in the door and you will never know what was really wrong or how much the repair should cost. No one else local would touch the problems or I'd never have gone to one.
From what you are saying they might have been padding the bill by wanting to replace a regulator that was fine (the passenger side barely gets used) or never checked when the total problem was in the driver's door.
Don't know if dealer was trying to "rip you off". Maybe trying to kill 2 birds, bla bla, because most Dodge dealers know these window systems are problematic...
I always tell the customer (if the vehicle has alot of mileage) to have the others physically checked, especially if they are used on a regular basis, like the Driver side
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
That was the confusing thing - it was the passenger door that started the issue. Last year I had the cord replaced on the driver door which is the window most used but that mechanic moved on from the local garage.
Anyway I'll listen to what the dodge service manager has to say. But I'm really glad I didn't pay for both doors to be repaired this week.

Hate to say it, but that may come yet....(personal opinion)


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
yep but better later than now LOL
thanks for your help

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