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I have Trouble codes PO700 PO731 PO732 & PO744, what is PO744

Resolved Question:

I have Trouble codes PO700 PO731 PO732 & PO744, what is PO744
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Brian W replied 9 years ago.
Hello, are you sure of that code # XXXXX is not coming up for your vehicle?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Brian W's Post: Yes, the scanner shows "loss of prime"
Expert:  Brian W replied 9 years ago.

Ok there must have been a software issue with your scan tool, loss of prime is a p0944. This is an internal trans problem, as long as the fluid is at the correct level. The most likley cause is the front pump. You will need to test line pressure with a gauge.


I hope this helped if so an accept is appreciated

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Expert:  Brian W replied 9 years ago.


Pressure testing is a very important step in the diagnostic procedure. These tests usually reveal the cause of most hydraulic transaxle problems.

Before performing pressure tests, be certain that fluid level and condition, and shift cable adjustments have been checked and approved. Fluid must be at operating temperature 150 to 200 ° F. (66 to 93 ° C).

Install an engine tachometer, raise vehicle on hoist which allows front wheels to turn, and position tachometer so it can be read.

Attach 300 psi Gauge C-3293SP to port(s) (1)() overdrive clutch, (2) torque converter off, (3) low/reverse clutch, (4) 2/4 clutch, (5) reverse clutch, (6) underdrive clutch required for test(s) being conducted. Use Adapter Set L-4559 to adapt gauge(s) to transaxle


Gear Selector Position Actual Gear Pressure Taps
Underdrive Clutch Overdrive Clutch Reverse Clutch Torque Converter Clutch Off 2/4 Clutch Low/Reverse Clutch
PARK PARK 0-2 0-5 0-2 60-110 0-2 115-145
0 mph *
REVERSE REVERSE 0-2 0-7 165-235 50-100 0-2 165-235
0 mph *
NEUTRAL NEUTRAL 0-2 0-5 0-2 60-110 0-2 115-145
0 mph *
LOW FIRST 110-145 0-5 0-2 60-110 0-2 115-145
20 mph #
3 SECOND 110-145 0-5 0-2 60-110 115-145 0-2
30 mph #
3 DIRECT 75-95 75-95 0-2 60-90 0-2 0-2
45 mph #
OD OVERDRIVE 0-2 75-95 0-2 60-90 75-95 0-2
30 mph #
OD OVERDRIVE WITH TCC 0-2 75-95 0-2 0-5 75-95 0-2
50 mph #
* Engine speed at 1500 rpm
# XXXXX: Both front wheels must be turning at the same speed.