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Dr. Hamman, Dodge Technician
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What and where is the TIPM communications module located

Resolved Question:

what and where is the TIPM communications module located
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Dr. Hamman replied 9 years ago.
What year and model is it
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
had diagnostics ran, tech stated that "no TIPM communication / can't talk to vehocle properly" I want to know what type of module this is ? I was quoted over 1000.oo in repair........ can't afford this. need help to figure out replacement part (sensor module)
Expert:  Dr. Hamman replied 9 years ago.
What year and model is it
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to DR. Hamman's Post: the year is 2006, dodge ram 1500, 3.7 v6. 6 spd stick. the diagnostic show sensor module is not communicating with vehicle. the ABS, and Brake light stay on, now my radio turns off with the key instead of the door open. the reverse lights don't work now ---- took the vehicle back they said the bulbs are good it's the sensor module. $1000.00 to repair. My question is what is the part actual name part # if you can and where is it located
Expert:  Dr. Hamman replied 9 years ago.
Hi, I have just been the complete Chrysler list of sensors and modules for your truck 5 times, and no TIPM module. Them I went to the Chrysler Connector Identification chart, that tells you the connectors pin out, and no TIPM. So then I go to the complete Chrysler wiring diagram for your truck, and bang there it is.

It is a "Totally Integrated Power Module" It is located on the left (Passenger) front fender. It has a total of 8 wires going into it, and it is fused, so there is a fuse that can take it out. It is fuse #29, and it is a 10 amp fuse. If this fuse blows, the TIPM will not function. It appears to be fed power through a "Gateway Module" located on the left (Drivers) side of the engine compartment. The wire I would be the most interested in is the Pink wire with the DK green stripe, this wire travels from the gateway module to the TIPM to power it up, there is a splice in the wire on the way from the Gateway to the TIPM, splice #S194. The TIPM has a second fuse too that appears to be on or in the TIPM, fuse #11, it's 20 amp. This is powered to the TIPM by a gray with red wire, check it for power, it should have power at all times, the other wire, the Pink wire with the DK green stripe, should only have power when the key is on. This took a lot of time I hope it helps you. You should be able to diagnose if it is bad with this info.

I hope this helps, 100% satisfaction is my goal. If the answer is not clear, please reply and I will assist you more. When you're satisfied, click on accept. I don't get paid unless you do. A bonus and positive feedback are always appreciated, good luck and Thanks.
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