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What can i do to reset the bcm on a 05 dodge grand caravan my self?

Resolved Question:

what can i do to reset the bcm on a 05 dodge grand caravan my self?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Eric replied 9 years ago.


The BCM can only be reset with a diagnostic scanner with BCM capabilities. And if underlying cause of BCM trouble codes being set is not repaired, even with scanner, the BCM trouble code will keep returning. Disconnecting the battery will not work. Unfortunately, you will have to have a shop perform this service.

On average, a diagnostic scanner with BCM capabilities will run between $4-6000. Mine ran almost $6,000, plus annual updates of over a grand every year.

Sorry, the last part of your question just showed up on my side stating the various problems. you need to have a shop scan the BCM for stored trouble codes. It is possible that the BCM itself is bad, but without knowing what code numbrs are, I cant give you a clear diagnosis or avenue of repair.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to eric's Post: I had the bcm reset by the dealership three weeks ago and now my front blower motor has quit working. Is there any recourse on the dealership?
Expert:  Eric replied 9 years ago.


Did the dealership perform any diagnostics, or check for stored codes? And if so, did you decline further diagnosis to find problem and just request them reset the code? Or were they unable to determine why BCM was setting trouble codes or what the codes were or what they meant?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
we took our van to the dealership to have because the door locks, dome light. and the drivers window were not working properly.
    they said that reprogramming the bcm would fix every thing but the window which needed a new motor.
     i declined the motor and had them do the reprogram. they charged me the reprogram fee plus one hour diagnostic time for the window motor. miraculously the window motor fixed itself because it worked when i tried it on the way home from the dealer.
     the dealership service advisor did not say anything about trouble codes just that the bcm needed reprogrammed.
Expert:  Eric replied 9 years ago.


Ok, there is a TSB(technical service bulletin) on re-programming or (re-flashing) the BCM to take care of power locks not working. This is basically downloading new software into the BCM. If you are still having problems, then it may be neccessary to replace the BCM.

About the only recourse with the dealer would be to ask them to credit the labor time for re-programming the BCM towards the diagnostic labor time to find problem, and/or credit the labor towards repair labor needed. They followed Dodge protocall and directions for re-programming as directed by the TSB. If the re-programming did not repair problem, then there is another issue such as faulty BCM.

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