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I have a 2004 Dodge Intrepid, yesterday I was driving to my ...

Resolved Question:

I have a 2004 Dodge Intrepid, yesterday I was driving to my parents this is a about an hour drive and I was traveling around 50mph and my car jerked and cut back and wouldn''t shift and than my check engine light came on it was stuck and just wouldnt shift into gear. I pulled over at the closet stop and cut the car off and checked my oil and trans fuilds. They were both were fine. So, I started the car again and continue to travel on my way and the car drove fine it shifted and didnt get stuck. So that night i began to drive home and right before i got home about 45 mins into my travel it did it again the car got stuck in gear and wouldnt shift when I was doing about 50 mph. so I again pulled over cut the car off and waited a few minutes and took off again and the car worked fined. I noticed today when i went to put my car in reveresed it jerked really bad, but it did go into gear and worked fine after that. I am going to take the car in the shop for service but I wanted to have some kind of heads up on what might be wrong. Being a woman i have had car problems with previous cars in the past and to later find out that I was charged for service repairs that I did not need.
So any advice would be great.
Submitted: 9 years ago via
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Eric replied 9 years ago.


There are many possibilities ranging from a bad shift solenoid, faulty TCM(tranmission control module), failed torque converter clutch solenoid, or internal transmission problem. Since the check engine light did come on, there will be what is called a DTC(diagnostic trouble code) stored in it. This code number will refer to a specific area or part.

If you want to, before taking it to the shop, take it by an Autozone, or other parts store. They will hook a scanner up to your car and read the DTCs for FREE. They will give you the trouble code number and what it refers to. Then you can post that trouble code number here, just by re-opening this question. I can let you know more on the problem and whether this something that can be repaired at home, or needs to go to a shop and what you will be looking at as possibilities of repairing.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to eric's Post: Ok I just took it past AutoZone, and it gave me the code of P0700 Trans Control System Misfuction. Please tell me what needs to be done so i know what that Car Dealership will do. I just really dont want to be taken for a ride with extra charges, for one I can not afford it. Thanks again for your help with this matter.
Expert:  Eric replied 9 years ago.


DTC P0700 is a diagnostic code to let the person performing the scan know that there are stored codes in the TCM(transmission control module) and that this needs to be scanned for specific trouble code.

Unfortunately, whoever did the scan at Autozone didnt understand this code and that they needed to do a scan of the TCM for transmission trouble codes.

You can either take it back to Autozone for them to scan the TCM ofr stored codes and let me know which ones come up, or go ahead and take to the dealer to have the do diagnostic scan, and when they call you with diagnosis, ask for the specific diagnostic trouble code numbers and let me know. I can then tell you whether what they are recommending to repair is corrrect or not.

Sorry I cant be more specific at this time, but without Autozone having done the entire scanning to retreive the TCM trouble code numbers, this is all I can tell you at this point, but I will continue to help until problem resolved or you are satisfied dealer is being honest with you. This is what I am here for

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to eric's Post: Ok I took my car back to the Autozone and they ran the scan again, this time they gave me the same code P0700 and than code P1776 the guy said I will need to have the Transmission spark control changed and he something about DTC. He said that was the only other code coming up.
I hope this helps to getting me closer to what I need to get done.

Thanks a again for all of your time and help.
Expert:  Eric replied 9 years ago.


Ok, here is the definition of that code:

DTC P1776 - solenoid switch valve latched in L/R (low/reverse) position.

Possible causes:

  • faulty solenoid switch valve
  • faulty solenoid pressure switch assembly
  • open/short in transmission control relay wiring
  • open/short in solenoid switch valve wiring
  • open/short in L/R pressure switch sensor
  • valve body faulty

Most of the time it is either the solenoid, pressure switch, or wiring short. Most likely, including diagnostic time, you will be looking somewhere between $300-500 parts and labor for repair. Maybe a little more if valve body is bad.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you so much for all of your help, I at least have an idea of what the problem is and ball park figure of the cost. You have saved me from maybe getting taken by the local dealership....

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!