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How do you replace the fuel pump on a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2L

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The fuel pump is located inside teh gas tank; to replace teh pump you must first remove the fuel tank:

  1. Remove fuel tank filler tube cap.
  2. Perform Fuel System Pressure Release by connecting a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel rail test port and bleeding off pressure.
  3. Disconnect negative battery cable at battery.
  4. Raise vehicle on hoist.
  5. Some models are equipped with a separate grounding wire (strap) connecting the fuel fill tube assembly to the body. Disconnect wire by removing screw.
  6. Open fuel fill door and remove screws mounting fuel filler tube assembly to body. Do not disconnect rubber fuel fill or vent hoses from tank at this time.
  7. Place a transmission jack under center of fuel tank. Apply a slight amount of pressure to fuel tank with transmission jack.
  8. Remove fuel tank mounting strap nuts from mounting strap studs. If equipped, remove fuel tank shield bolts.
  9. Lower fuel tank only enough to allow access to top of tank. The 2 tank fittings (where rubber fuel fill and vent hose connections are made) must be positioned above tank level. Rotate tank slightly to allow these fittings to be above tank level.
  10. While working over left rear tire/wheel, disconnect rubber fuel vent hose at fuel tank (vent hose is the smallest of 2 hoses). Position fuel siphoning/ drain hose into this fitting at tank. Drain fuel into a safecontainer.
  11. Disconnect rubber fuel fill hose at fuel tank.
  12. Unplug wire harness connector and evap system hoses from the top of the tank

Once the tank is out of the vehicle, you can remove the fuel sender (containing the pump) by turning the large plastic fuel module lock ring counterclockwise and lifting the fuel module out of the tank.

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