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AutotechAL, Master Auto Technician
Category: Dodge
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Experience:  Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep tech from 1982-2005,Master ASE Status.Currently an automotive tech. instructor
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1999 Dodge: SLT..starts back..The odometer says No Bus..mileage

Resolved Question:

My 1999 Dodge Ram SLT 1500, Shuts off while driving and starts back up after a couple of minutes of rest. The odometer says "No Bus". and then flashes the mileage. What can i do to fix the problem
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  AutotechAL replied 9 years ago.


hi Anthony, you have what we call a "driveability problem".Cars today are so complicated that it is really impossible to "guess" what is wrong by a simple description of what the vehicle is doing. Finding a problem like this requires many years of practice and special test equipment which costs thousands of dollars.Having said that your problem SOUNDS like a failed crank sensor.This sensor monitors the crankshaft and is located at the back of the engine just before the transmission on the passenger side of the engine.It has a short 3 inch wire coming from it with a 3 wire connector.Sometimes if the sensor is bad enough,while engine is idling, grabbing the connector and tugging on it can cause the engine to stall.If you do replace the sensor I suggest buying one from the dealer as I have seen many aftermarket sensors bad right out of the box.

While I do not promote "guessing" parts,if it was my truck and I had no way of properly diagnosing the problem,I would take the gamble and replace the crank sensor,otherwise,spend the money and get the problem professionally diagnosed.

Good Luck and let me know how you make out. AL

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to AutotechAL's Post: I just took my truck to Midas and they put my truck on the big scanner and they said my computer was going out. Does this sound possible? How much can i expect to pay for a computer
Expert:  AutotechAL replied 9 years ago.


Hey Anthony, now we have a different situation and I must choose my words carefully. You went to Midas to have your Dodge Truck diagnosed.THE most difficult thing in the auto business is this type of diagnosis. NO piece of equipment is going to tell us what part to replace.All it does is gives us info and we must use our skills and experience to evaluate the info and make a diagnosis. I have NO idea the competency level of the tech that diagnosed your truck,nor do you. He could be fresh out of tech school or could be a diagnostic genious. I WILL say that you do have a better chance of finding someone competent at the dealership. IF the cranksensor is failing as I SUSPECT,it could be internally shorted and THIS causes the computer to "shutdown". SO does the Midas guy know this? While the computer IS a possibility,I would be VERY certain before I spent the HUNDREDS of dollars to replace it. Will Midas give you a WRITTEN guarantee that their diagnosis IS correct and IF not what will they do about it? Once they buy that $350 (or so) computer and the truck stalls again,then what? Will they refund your money? Of course they won't,they'll likely tell you that there was "another problem" "CAUSING" the computer failure and we must continue "checking"(GUESSING WITH YOUR MONEY). Did they tell you what code was in the memory of the computer? If they got a message such as "NO RESPONSE",then that usually does mean that a sensor is shorted and pulling the computer down.

As I stated in the very beginning of our conversation,this is a VERY difficult thing to diagnose. I have been through this hundreds of times and I would say that in 90% of the cases,the crank sensor is bad. It could also be another sensor,BUT as I said,MOST LIKELY.

Think this over Anthony. In the future, I would only go to the dealer for this type of difficult diagnosis.They may possibly back their diagnosis up with some type of guarantee,especially if you ended up threatening to call a Chrysler dealership representative. GEt back to me. AL

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Al thank you very much for your help. I asked the guys at Midas for a read out and they had nothing, and they did seem like they were guessing. They also told me it was $1000 to $1500 for a new computer. I was looking at a blog about my issue and a lot of people have had this issue. I will send you the link.

Thanks for your time.
Expert:  AutotechAL replied 9 years ago.

Well Anthony,we've come full circle and are back to where we started. I looked at the link you sent and it really doesn't prove anything.If you consider ALL the Dodge trucks built between 94 and 2001 that used that setup, there are a few problems and many trucks which are fine. I always said,there are NO problem vehicles,only techs that don't know how to fix them,right? A little background on your problem. All the computers in the cars communicate over a BUS network and share sensor info between computers.Should 1 of the many sensors or wires short out, it drags down this BUS voltage to 0 volts and because the odometer is in this "network",cannot read the mileage,thus displays "no bus". It USUALLY does not mean there is a computer problem,but inexperienced techs try to access the computer with their diagnostic testers,see "NO RESPONSE" and ASSUME the computer is bad and it usually is not. Having said that I will repeat what I told you in the beginning of this post. If you cannot find someone to PROPERLY diagnose the truck, I would opt to replace the crank sensor with a factory part only. Again,it is a guess,but a very educated guess. By the way,did MIDAS charge you for that half-ass diagnosis? I hope not.

Let me know how you make out and if I've answered your question please click "accept" so that I get paid. Thanks and Good Luck, AL

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I will give the crank sensor a try. thanks
Expert:  AutotechAL replied 9 years ago.

That is what I would do in your situation Anthony. AGAIN, do NOT buy that crank sensor from anywhere other than the Dealership ! There are SO many junk sensors being sold these days . I belong to many technician sites and am constantly reading about techs that diagnose a problem,only to be further confused when they replace a sensor and STILL have a problem. It ends up that they did a proper diag,but bought an inferior part.

Good Luck and let me know how you make out . AL