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How do you bleed a clutch cylnder on a 2000 Dodge Dakota

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How do you bleed a clutch slave cylnder on a 2000 Dodge Dakota


If inspection or diagnosis indicates additional fluid may be needed, it will be necessary to replace the complete hydraulic linkage assembly.


The clutch fluid reservoir, master cylinder, slave cylinder and fluid lines are pre-filled with fluid at the factory during assembly operations.

The hydraulic system should not require additional fluid under normal circumstances. The reservoir fluid level will actually increase as normal clutch wear occurs. Avoid overfilling, or removing fluid from the reservoir.

Clutch fluid level is checked at the master cylinder reservoir. An indicator ring is provided on the outside of the reservoir. With the cap and diaphragm removed, fluid level should not be above indicator ring.

To avoid contaminating the hydraulic fluid during inspection, wipe reservoir and cover clean before removing the cap.

in short it is not possible to bleed the system,tim

replacement will be needed

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I have had to repalce the slave cylender and it was not prefilled. I know that I have to bleed it to get it going but I Cant figure out where to do it at


  1. Tighten cap on clutch fluid reservoir to avoid spillage during installation.
  2. Position cylinders, connecting lines, and reservoir in vehicle
  3. Insert clutch master cylinder in dash panel.
  4. Position reservoir on dash panel and install reservoir screws. Tighten screws to 5 N·m (40 in. lbs.) torque.
  5. Install nuts that hold clutch master cylinder to dash panel. Tighten nuts to 54 N·m (40 ft. lbs.)
  6. Apply light coating of grease to the inner diameter of the master cylinder push - rod and the outer diameter of the clutch pedal pin.
  7. Install clutch master cylinder push rod on clutch pedal pin Secure rod with retaining clip.
  8. Connect clutch pedal position switch connector from wiring harness.
  9. Raise vehicle.
  10. Insert slave cylinder push rod through clutch housing opening and into release lever. Be sure end of rod is securely engaged in release lever. Check this before installing cylinder attaching nuts

    NOTE: If a new clutch linkage is being installed, do not remove the plastic shipping strap from the slave cylinder push rod. The shipping strap will break on its own upon the first clutch application.

  11. Install and tighten slave cylinder attaching nuts to 23 N·m (200 in. lbs.) torque.
  12. Install the hydraulic fluid line clip into the hole in the lower dash panel flange.
  13. Verify that fluid line from master cylinder to slave cylinder is properly routed

it needs to be full when first installing with the shipping strap in place on the oush rod -- it adjust automatically,tim

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The master cylnder and slave cylnder ore working off of 2 different resivors and dont connect
correct brakes are one and clutch another -- they refer to the clutch resevoir as the clutch master cylinder
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
In the diagram what is U refering too?
that is just the bell housing -- the clutch slaves have no bleeders on them -- did you use a mopar part and was the push rod in place when installing ,tim
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Starting over, As I went to change gears, the truck locked in neutral, will not change gears unless engine is off. Then when starting truck tries to move with clutch pushed.
Today changed clutch slave cylnder, now there is no presure on the clutch. Have pumped and pumed and no fluid is being sucked in, it still will not shift unless truck is off.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to TIM's Post: no the part came from Auto Zone, and had a plastic strap sucurring rod
it should have been filled with fluid -- strap inplace and installed -- first push of the clutch and all should have been well-- if not i would pull the part and back to autozone i would go,tim
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
when i put the part on and pump the clutch it should fill with fluid and not just drop to the floor?