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My rear lights stopped working. I have no tail running ...

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My rear lights stopped working. I have no tail running lights. The headlughts and front lights are fine. My brake lights and backup are ok. My directionals front and rear are ok.

Hello PGorman and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. About your truck.

The fuse in the panel for the tail lights I am pretty sure will be the #13 fuse. But it is always good to check them all. There should be power on both sides of the fuses.

There is a fuse box that is under the hood.

Click image to see an enlarged view


I am pretty sure the fuse for the tail lights will be marked. You might want to also check the headlight switch and make sure there is power coming out of it when the lights are turned on.

I have a diagram that is similar to what yours is. It might give you an idea of how the system is powered.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to jazzy_jer's Post: The fuse panel (in the cab - dash - left side) has 19 fuses. My #13 is a 10A marked for pwr lock. I have a #1 which is a 15A that was marked park lamps. I thought that might be it but the fuse checks good. Your diagram shows a common connection for all the lamps (front and rear). Again - note that I have front markers and (different circuit) - headlights. What I am missing are both taillights and licence plate lights. My brake lights are functioning as are my directionals. Could there be a common ground for the rear lighting harness? I have given it a cursery look only because the weather is crummy and I do not have a garage but it looks like it connects to right and left and then goes towards the front of the truck. You mentioned the fuse box under the hood and when I checked the fuse locations ther, I didn't find any wording that sounded like the tail lights. I am thinking that the licence lights and tail lights together should be the clue. If I had better weather, I would get the meter and start to check the harness as far forward as I could. The schematics that are provided, even in a Chilton's or a Haynes seem to be very generic. It would help to see an actual schematic for a 2000 Ram 1500 tail light wiring.
I would have to agree with you on that one. Although the diagrams are generic the principles are the same. You would be able to take the switch out and keep the wires hooked up and see if there is power comming out to the wires when the lights are on. If there are any that do not have power you may want to run power to see if that will make them come on.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The answer(s) didn't really locate the problem. The check of the light switch didn't reveal anything and the schematic didn't really help because it was not specific enough. I understand schematics and wiring trouble shooting and what I needed to know was how the harness was constructed to either find the appropiate place to check for 12v. if the switch checked ok which it did. I could have also used info. as to where a common ground for the rear lights could be found. A quick look didn't find it. I stll didn't find a fuse that was marked for either the rear lights or the licence plate lights. A check of the one fuse that I thought it could possably be was marked "parking lights" - a 15 amp. which checked good.

The problem is now compounded by the fact that the lights were not working Wednesday the 26th when I left for work but by the time I got to work, they were now functioning. This means the problem is now intermittent. It also means the wiring, ie fuse,bulbs, etc are ok for now. I still suspect a bad ground common to the tail lights and the licence plate lights. If you can point out where that ground is located, let me know what that information is worth and I will click "accept". If not, give me a guideline as to the value of the information I did get, but didn't help, is worth and I will submitt that.

I understand troubleshooting without being able to put your hands on things is very difficult. If there is/was information that I should/could have provided to you to make the process any easier, please let me know that too.

You might try the ground that is under the bed. I am pretty sure it is on the left side, there should be 2 or 3 wires that go to a ground connection at the side of the frame.

Also, wiggle the harness for the rear lighting, (in the back). There is a connector there that might have an intermitant problem.

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