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Experience:  Design engineer and toolmaker mechanic previous ASE mech and ICARE body man
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Change the front rotors on a 96 dodge ram 3/4 ton 4X4 with 8800 GVW?

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How do I change the front rotors on a 96 dodge ram 3/4 ton 4X4 with 8800 GVW?

Hi, welcome to


  1. Raise and support vehicle.
  2. Remove wheel and tire assembly.


Using a large flat-bladed screwdriver, press caliper piston back into bore. Use a large C-clamp to bottom piston in bore if additional force is required.

  1. Remove caliper mounting bolts.
  2. Remove caliper from rotor. Ensure caliper is supported at all times to prevent brake hose damage.
  3. If equipped with removable adapter hub, remove hub from rotor.


Remove cotter pin from rotor hub nut and remove nut.


Remove bolts that secure the rotor and hub to steering knuckle from inboard (back) side of steering knuckle.


Remove rotor and hub assembly. Replace bearing assembly if damaged.


  1. Remove hub spacer from steering knuckle. Note spacer position for installation reference.



  1. Apply liberal quantity of anti-seize compound to splines of front driveshaft.
  2. Replace grease seal in steering knuckle if damaged.
  3. Insert two rearmost, top and bottom rotor hub bolts in steering knuckle. Insert bolts through back side of knuckle so they extend out front face.
  4. Position hub spacer on bolts installed in knuckle. Be sure flat on spacer is positioned toward rear. Use chassis grease to hold spacer in place on knuckle.
  5. Apply 1-2 drops of suitable locking compound (Mopar Lock N' Seal or Loctite 242) to threads of rotor and hub assembly retaining bolts.
  6. Align rotor hub with driveshaft, then start shaft into rotor hub splines.
  7. Align unit bearing flange bolt holes with bolts previously installed in knuckle. Then thread bolts into bearing flange far enough to hold assembly in place.
  8. Install remaining rotor retaining bolts. Tighten all bolts securely.
  9. Install washer and hub nut. Tighten nut securely.
  10. Install new cotter pin through hub nut. Tighten nut as needed to align cotter pin hole in shaft with opening in nut.
  11. If equipped with removable adapter hub, install adapter on rotor.
  12. Install disc brake caliper.
  13. Install wheel and tire assemblies and lower vehicle. Tighten wheel lug nuts to specifications.
  14. Apply brakes several times to reseat brake pads and caliper piston. Do not move vehicle until form brake pedal is obtained.

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