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Trying to reset a immobilzer on a 05 stratus 2.

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trying to reset a immobilzer on a 05 stratus 2.4 4door tryed leaving key on for a hour then locking and unlocking door with fob tryed two differnt keys dealer told me this would work no luck tryed locking the doors for 15 mins unlock noluck any ideas thanks i am a trans tech serviced car tryed to start car would not do anythang no comunacation at the aldl for the scanner have a modus


The system simply needs to see a valid key to reset.

It sounds to me like you are having a communication issue, rather than an immobilizer issue. If the PCM and SKIM (sentry key immobilizer module) can't communicate with each other, for whatever reason, the car won't start.

Some questions to see if we can get to the bottom of things;

When the car has been off for a few minutes, and you turn the key to the run position, does the fuel pump come on for 3 seconds or so?

Will your scanner communicate with any of the cars modules?

What type of repair work was done?

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
no scanner commuction no fuel pump no engine crank
problem started like this car was started with the auto start was running warming up went got in car put key in switch tuned on pushed brake engine quit and has not cranked on ran with the key or the auto start sense auto start ws installed about 30 days ago by me (put them in at the shop for the last 5 years or so when its slow)
worked fine called dodge dealer talked to there securty expert said the auto start shoud not be a problem said i am locked out said to put key in switch in run position for 1 hour then remove key
lock and unlock with the key fob engine sould start this did not work tryed 2 times called dodge agine he said being it in but there has to be a way to get this with out taking to dealer   
if not boy talk about job security car has 89,000m
on it cheaked the fuses relays ect evertythang fine also read about dodge having trouble with there recever for the chip in the key tryed locking the door leaving it set fir 15 mins unlocking still no start tryed with the key also in the drivers door still no start also had battery charger on so battery so would stay up last work done was a oil change day before by me car ran fine made it home disconnceted the autostart completly still no start thank for any help


First the fact that the scanner won't communicate with the engine controller, and the fuel pump doesn't come on for 3 seconds when the key is cycled to the on position, leads me to the conclusion that the PCM is not functional.

Even if it was an issue with the immobilizer (SKIM) system, your scan tool should be able to communicate with the PCM, and you should be getting a fault code something along the lines of 'invalid ignition key'.

There is no 'reset' procedure for the system. The procedure he gave you is completely unrelated to a no-start condition. It's used if you are programming a key with the scan tool, and you use the wrong PIN number. Even in this case the car will start with a programmed key.

Now, the remote start you used, does it have the bypass module that interfaces with the cars computer network? They generally wire into one of the pins at the DLC to give you door lock / unlock, things of that nature? If so is the wire still connected to the databus network of the car?

Second, just to clarify, have you tried to access any of the systems on the car (trans, abs, etc?).

A good first step would be to determine if the engine controller is working, of if something is effecting the data bus network of the car. If the PCM and the SKIM can't communicate with each other, it won't start.



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
the tech at dodge told me the system locked me out completly no commuction with any system i am using a snap on modus with 06 update auto stat has module hooked to wire on aldl also seperate one for the key bypass un hooked this wire as well as the wireing to the ign switch scanner says no commuction shows no systems at all tryed three differt keys one dodge came with car custumer had two more programed the week i put in the auto start one to use in the bypass and a extra for his wife all keys started car when i put in autostat started car with all three keys
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
this is the first time i head of a pin number what is this for i also just tryed a code reader would not activete to read when turned on key
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
keys where programed by a dodge dealer


The immobilizer system can not lock you out of the other modules, your scanner should be able to communicate with the PCM regardless.

I'll admit to being completely unfamiliar with the Snap-On scanner. I work at a dealer, and we have the factory scan tools.

It happened when you stepped on the brake, all that really does is turn the remote start off, but as far as the car itself is concerend nothing changes (as the circuits are still powered up by the ignition key) so the car doesn't even look at the key. (it's only checked at startup).

If it somehow managed to blow the ignition fuse under the hood the car won't start, but you've checked all the fuses and I'm assuming they are good.

The only other issue I can think of is if it somehow was connected to the PCM wire on the

At this stage, here is how I would go about trying to get to the bottom of this issue...

1) I'd find a similar car and see if the scanner is capable of talking to it.

2) Unplug the PCM.. see if you can access any other modules (abs or airbag). If you can the PCM has issues that are preventing the car from starting and effecting the data bus.

I think you have PCM issues, you should hear that fuel pump coming on for a 3 second prime when the key is turned to run regardless of data bus or security status..

If you unplug the pcm and still can't talk to anything, we'll have to get into vehicle communication, a tough job online like this, but I'll give it a shot.

Give 1+2 a try, and let me know the results and we'll take it from there. I have to post this as an answer, but please don't accept until we come up with a resolution!


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
will be tommow befor i can try this i am in minnesota its 930 and i am home not the shop so i will try this tommow and send you my progress thanks for the help sofar there is no power key on power to the connector for the scantool is there a fuseable link hidden like some of the older dodges have just a thought my dakota has them taped right in the harness had a heck of a time finding it for the fuel pump tell i started diesecting the harness not in wireing not work tommow will be there on my own time but i like a good challange some times guess thats why
i have been a transmission tech.for the last 22 years thanks agine


Let me know how it goes. I work full time at a dealer, do this on the side. I should be online in the morning for a few hours so I'll try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

No hidden fusible links in the harness, but double check all those fuses. If you find a bunch of stuff missing power make a list and I'll see what they share in common.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thanks agine nice to talk to someone with some understanding i work in a small town 2500 and have been the go to guy for all the rest of the shops(3) it town my father worked for frod for 30 years and retired 15 ago so grew up with cars but some times these kinda problems just give me fits becuse of the limmited amount of info i have i am head tech for pelican trans(14years now)if this was a 41te(604)have info but tran aegitting tied in with so much now i learn every day thanks agine
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
well with your help the car now runs and starts took me all saturday this is what i found fuses all good but not turning on computer (engine)or start relay would not function found that relays worked fine tryed new one still no change finly just for the heck of it hot wired the ecc relay scanner talked to the aldl then jumped the starter rely car started thats when i replaced the relays car would not start then took a volt meter to the rely connections live power wires
battery voltage grounds fine tested them with a headlight turned in to a testlight this is what i finly found control circite showed 12.5v on meter
would light a test light but when i tryed the headlight would not light no amprage connector had
a wire that was not connected proprly from the factory not cremped when wire was installed so it would not actovate relay for computor@ starter
crimped wire car works well thanks for the help
hope this helps someone else or you through the years