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2002 Stratus R/T: the service engine soon light..evap..leak..gas cap

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I have a 2002 Stratus R/T and the service engine soon light is on. I''ve taken it to the shop twice and the first time they scanned it and told me it was an evap leak and to replace the gas cap. I did that which didn''t work so I had to take it back in. Then they said it was the oxy sensor which they replaced and after 10 min of driving the light came back on. Now I''m $400 out, the light is still coming on, and I have to pass an e-check. The mechanics seem like they aren''t even sure what exactly the problem is. I want to try and avoid the guessing game at my expense. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

There is a forgotten step in the process they followed, it is called....testing....

Take it to Auto Zone, and have them put the scanner on it. DOn't pay attention to anything that comes out of thier mouth, except for what the code is...NOT what they tell you it means.

The code will look like P0123...That's the information we need

Another way we might be able to get a vague referecne as to what happening is flip the key on and off 4 times really fast, then back on again...If your car does it, the engine light will flash...count the flashes (flash, pause, flash, flash = code 12) It will repeat the codes 3 times before moving to the next one...

We need some codes to go much further.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to ase_master327's Post: I just talked to the mechanic and he couldn't give me the exact code that came back. He said that codes supercede each other and until a prior one is fixed the next code will not show up. He said the first code was evap... so I changed the gas cap. The next was oxy sensor so we changed that. Now we have to see what the next code is. I'm not sure if it's a load or not, I just pray that I don't have to go through 10 codes before I get the light off. I'm going to try the start/restart method to get an idea of what the next code is and if it works I'll submit another ticket. If not he said I can bring it back up there Wed and they'll read it for free. I'm a sucker I know, but I don't know what else I can do. Thank you for the help. If you have any other suggestions or advice they are greatly welcomed.

Yeah, I got some advice for you....Get another mechanic.

This is an OBD2 system, the computer will tell you every little thing that is out of range...

The only codes that come up one at a time are on some older OBD1 vehicles, and certain ABS systems...Neither of which apply to your situation.

ase_master327 and 5 other Dodge Specialists are ready to help you