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99 dodge intrepid: the ignition key..disconnected..engine starts

Customer Question

I have a 99 dodge intrepid with a trouble code p1648 which is not read by an OBD II scanner, but by turning the ignition key on and off three times. Which means the battery has been disconnected within the last 50 engine starts. That's fine and should mean nothing, but I have no spark. If I clear this code will I get spark? How do I clear this code even though an OBD II doesnt read the code?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  westrope65 replied 9 years ago.
Welcome to

You can clear the codes by disconnecting the battery for fwe minutes then re-connecting it. Wehter there is a code or not should not effect the spark. With no codes I would suspect a fule related issue. But since you have no spark thsi can be confusing. I woudl re-check your spark and remeber with lots of the new motors they have lots of aluminium nad palted parts that do not reach a good ground for testing for spark. sure you choose a good ground source to test the spark. Try somewere on the body. Truth is it can be tricky to find steel on some newer vehicles. Also test the fuel pressure. Most parts stores will rent you a fuel pressure guage for cheap or free. then get back to me with a new code reading form the key method (scanners are very good and can get some codes that you can not with key, but I liek both if I can get them..aftermarket scanners look for newer codes sets) and lets take a look.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to westrope65's Post: I would like to figure out the spark problem before looking into any possible fuel problems. I tested for spark using a long extension set dirrectly on the negative battery relay post. It was definately not sparking, I thought the trouble code might have something to do with it because on my search I ran into a couple people with the same problem and code, but they never got answered. Might just be coincidence, but it's mind boggling trying to figure out why it had spark before (only with the camshaft position sensor unplugged) and now I can't get spark at all. It's really not possible for a sensor to go bad for the few days it took me to change out the timing chain. One thought that I had is does this car have some sort of reset? Any thoughts?
Expert:  westrope65 replied 9 years ago.
NO real reset. There is a ASD relay or auto shut down relay. In the PDC power distribution center under the hood. You would not get spark or fuel then more than likely. Has the battery been disconnected in the last 50 starts?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Yes I disconnected the battery when I changed the timing chain. I smell fuel when I pull any spark plug. I can't picture a relay going out while I was working on the car, it just seems extremly unlikely. In the procedure from the Hanes manual, the first thing it said to do is remove the fuel pump relay and start it until it dies to remove fuel pressure. That is the only thing I have left in my mind that might have caused the computer to cut off spark. That's why I was wondering about a reset button, because I know on some cars when you get in an accident or something it will cut off power to the fuel pump, but I was thinking it might be possible for the ignition to cut out under different circumstance.
Expert:  westrope65 replied 9 years ago.
ASD relay can shut off fuel and spark. I would check the physical timing again too maybe you are off some and it is not sparking because timing is off. It can happen.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
If the physical timing was off wouldn't the valves hit the pistons while I was turning it over to start it? It didn't seem loud and I didn't hear anything unusual. As far as the relay, I can smell fuel when I pull the plugs, and the likeliness of a relay going out while the car is not in use for a few days isn't very high if possible at all. I'm used to working on cars with a distributer, so this is new to me. Is there a way to check the timing without tearing back into the car, are timing lights still used or obsolete? I'm 100% sure all the timing marks were where they were suppossed to be so the thought of ripping back into the car for another 25 hrs is kind of sickening, but if I have to then so be it.

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