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1999 cummins turbo making loud whistling noise from air ...

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1999 cummins turbo making loud whistling noise from air filter area. Removed air filter, replaced, still making noise. Turbo boost is alot lower and exhaust temps are running hotter. Any help is appreciated.
Hi, welcome to

I would definately suspect that you have a leak in the intake vent somewere. Possibly after the booster. But lets get the OBD or on board diagnostics. They can often point in a good direction.
Here is general procedure for getting engine codes by using the flash method.
Turn the key from off to on three times within five seconds. Then watch the CHECK ENGINE lamp. When you hit the proper rhythm ( this varies some from vehicle to vehicle and takes a few tries sometimes ), the MIL will stay lit longer than normal, go out and then start flashing.
Count the flashes. There will be short pauses between sets of flashes to indicate you're going to another number. The last set of flashes will always be 5-5, or code 55, which means end of test. All the codes will have two digits to them. You can repeat this as many times as needed to get a feel for how it works. If the PCM or battery has been disconnected within the last month or so, the first code you'll see is 1-2 (code 12) which indicates a recent loss of memory. be careful not to misread numbers so like 1-2 becomes a 3 or 2-3 becomes 3-2. Do this a few times to check and always write them down for future reference. Remember these codes do not say parts are bad only that they got or receive a bad signal. SO it maybe part before or after them that needs to be replaced.

hope this helps.______________
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thanks for the input, but I don't have a check engine light on or am I reading any OBD codes. (I have a scanner) I am leaving for a trip tonight and will not be back until Monday the 10th. The truck will not make more then 10 lbs. of boost and exhaust temps are peaking 1200 degrees. It could be an intake leak, it does sound like a large vacuum leak.
yes intake or posible power booster leak. But with that you would probably feel it in steering or brakes. I would try the codes with the key method some of the scanners look for the new P#### XXXXX and not the ## XXXXX Worth a shot and costs nothing more. eihter way you will get a 5-5 for end of test
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thanks again for your help. I feel nothing abnormal with steering, brakes or anything else. Just the whine and no boost. I thought maybe the wastegate was stuck open but I cannot 100% be sure without disassembly. I did connect air pressure to the actuator and it does move. It is not silky smooth but it does move. Note that it does take 30 psi to move it and I cannot verify that it fully closes. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
definatly has to be a leak in the hose for turbo. please try the codes one more time and inspect that real well.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you for the help, I found the clamp on the hose going to the inner cooler had come off. Replaced it and all is well.

Thanks again,
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