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heater core..test drive both the abs and brake light came

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I was working with Tim G. on this issue but don't know how to get back to him. I removed my entire dash inorder to replace my heater core. Everything went great but when I tried to take it on a test drive both the ABS and brake light came on when I passed exactly 40 MPH. The lights go off when the truck is turned off and only reappear when the above speed is reached.

hello again -- everything else is working fine on the truck?

what was the year and model again ?

all we did was replace the heater core -- nothing else with wheels, brakes or speed senor?

thanks tim

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to TIM GARRISON's Post: Correct. All we did was replace the heater core. It is a 1998 Dakota, 5.2 lt. We were able to get everything back together and working great. The truck isn't showing any signs of having of having an issue except for the two lights ( ABS and BRAKE ) which come on when thte vehiclw reaches 40 MPH.

hello , the best way to tell is to have a scan tool hooked up and monitor all of the wheel speed sensors to see which one is losing it signal at that speed-- that would at least point us to the correct wheel--

in the meantime-- inspect the front wheel speed sensors from the front wheels backwards following the speed sensor wiring harnesses for each front wheel -- possibly when removing the heater core -- wire may have been damaged,tim


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to TIM GARRISON's Post: Is there any possibility that we either hooked up one of the wiring harnesses wrong when installing the dash or broke one? Is there a relay or fuse that could have blown? I have an appointment scheduled for Wensday to have the code read. They told me that it has to be hooked up to a special ABS reader. Does that sound right to you?
yes the scan tool has to abs compatable, -- i do not believe anything was hooked up wrong -- this is a speed sensor issue -- big question -- which one -- the fault code should pinpoint what wheel -- like i stated -- if this did not happen before -- check the front wheel speed sensor wiring --start at the front wheel and trace the wiring back to see if it somehow got damaged in the heater core process,tim
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I realy appreciate all your help again. I have tried this before with a few other technicians and none seem to be nearly as informed or willing to help. I hope you don't mind me asking for you in the future. I will try this and see where it gets me. Thanks again.

no , that is fine-- i spend everyday fixing these cars and helping people, i am glad i am able to help--

let me know how you make out,tim

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