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1997 chrysler: liter, torque specs for head bolts,intake bolts

Customer Question

1997 chrysler town and country,3.8 liter, torque specs for head bolts,intake bolts and rocker arms?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  vipertech763 replied 9 years ago.

Good evening, here it the info you requested:

sorry about the grainy pic. The torque for the lower intake bolts is 200 inch lbs. The rocker arms is 250 inch lbs.

  • Tighten the cylinder head bolts 1 thru 8 in the sequence. Using the 4 step torque turn method, tighten according to the following values:
    • First-All to 61 N·m (45 ft. lbs.)
    • Second-All to 88 N·m (65 ft. lbs.)
    • Third-All (again) to 88 N·m (65 ft. lbs.)
    • Fourth-Turn an additional 1/4 Turn. (Do not use a torque wrench for this step.)

    NOTE: Bolt torque after 1/4 turn should be over 122 N·m (90 ft. lbs.) If not, replace the bolt.

  • Tighten head bolt number 9 to 33 N·m (25 ft. lbs.) after head bolts 1 thru 8 have been tighten to specifications.
  • Inspect push rods and replace worn or bent rods.
  • Install push rods, rocker arm and shaft assemblies with the stamped steel retainers in the four positions, tighten to 28 N·m (250 in. lbs.)
  • Place new cylinder head cover gaskets in position and install cylinder head covers. Tighten to 12 N·m (105 in. lbs.)
  • If this answers your question then pres ACCEPT. If you need more help then let me know. Thanks