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mndave0002, engineer
Category: Dodge
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Experience:  Design engineer and toolmaker mechanic previous ASE mech and ICARE body man
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Van..I cant get the gearshift selector to come out of Park..lift

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I was just visiting friends when I got into my Mom''s van to come home and started the van (handicap conversion from vmi) and I can''t get the gearshift selector to come out of Park. Despite putting the brake on to shift, it won''t even lift towards me. Its locked in park. Everything else seems to work.
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mndave0002 and 3 other Dodge Specialists are ready to help you
here is post area I am still reading respond if you see this you dont have to pay till you accept here.
mndave0002 and 3 other Dodge Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I still haven't found anything in the manual. I will call our local dealer in the morning to see if they might be able to suggest something to try. We are having a cold spell here in Oregon and it is freezing. But I have never heard of a shifter locking due to cold. Especially when the engine was running.
Hello I completely read the owners manual for the van I hd and I was wrong it did not show a over ride for the shift lever. (must be a ford joke there ..I suppose not funny) I did ask for a refund on the chat because we did not get anything from it. I seen you accepted here and left possitive feedback....I am not sure about the charges here I am not sure you had to here iether we did not get answer for you. I dont do this for the money and enjoy it.. the money goes into my kids account. I do thank you it was interesting problem. I just hope that none of the modificatons for the handi-cap additions help to casue do the install? (doubtful most sub-contract that work) good luck sorry I was not more help. Ussually between steering whell and brakes ou can ussually sqeeze one more start out of them. Yours is first 2007 I have heard of this for.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I have decided to pay you for your time. I appreciate service oriented people. By the way, your profile has a typo in regards XXXXX XXXXX educational background. The correct spelling is Psychology.
As to the van, it was modified in Arizona by the Dodge authorized company called VMI. They specialize in handicap vehicles. Specifically wheelchair accessible vehicles. Ours is dropped appx 8 inches throughout the interior and platforms had to be installed for the front seats. This is typical vmi modification, but requires special handling when servicing. ie: no platform raising lifts in the service bay. The above is for informational purposes in case you might be asked about it. Thanks again. Carole
thanks I appreciate your thought. I should redo the profile. they just added the spell checker. I really need it I have hands in soft cast for injury and carpal tunnel. so really only four fingered. (not that I could ever type) Funny cause I work with computers every day) Truth is the Psychology were fill classes for me. I enjoyed them and most of what it was is reading and memory. Kind of a minor. I did worked at group homes to get through High School. then mechanic and auto body last year and then college. Have a good night thanks
still shows you as paying for chat sorry I did ask for no charge on it. gonna have to ask them

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