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mndave0002, engineer
Category: Dodge
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Experience:  Design engineer and toolmaker mechanic previous ASE mech and ICARE body man
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1993 dodge dakota: diagram..fuse box...Really, I..windshield wipers

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I need a diagram of a 1993 dodge dakota fuse box...Really, I want to know which number and fuse number for the windshield wipers.
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Here is diagram. See were it shows a ground on the bottom of the wiper motor? just remove it from the firewall and clean or scuff with sand paper or scatch brite were it attaches. this should help it get a godo ground. I woudl try ti with a heavier piece of wire first to make sure that is it. Try to get a spat near a mounting bolt to touch the jumper wire. even if you scratch it a littel with screw driver or knife. IF it works when you are touching the jumper it si ground nad problem solved


Hope the diagram worked out and you got it to work well. let me know