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mndave0002, engineer
Category: Dodge
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Experience:  Design engineer and toolmaker mechanic previous ASE mech and ICARE body man
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99 Dodge Durango: 4x4, 5.2L..engage..starter relay..ignition switch

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99 Dodge Durango, 4x4, 5.2L, Automatic, once and awhile the starter will not engage, full lights on the dash, battery good-new, connections good, checked starter relay good, park/netural switch good connection clean. A couple of time after the ignition switch is turned off the flower fan has kept running. I almost am thinking the ignition switch is acting up once and a while.

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If all the components you said are good I would suspect the starter is failing. I owuld think it is getting weak bearings or the bendix drive ( drive that puts gears forward to enguage the flywheel) of failing. But it is possible that your ignition switch is going bad also or instead of. to test the starter and bendix drive you would probably need to remove the starter. most people jsut replace it rather than do labor twice for used one. Here is basic on removal of ignition switch

if picture does not show copy and paste this


The ignition switch is located on the steering column. The Key-In-Switch is located in the ignition switch module. For diagnosis of the Key-In-Switch, refer to Section 8U.


Disconnect negative cable from battery.

If vehicle has a tilt column, remove tilt lever by turning it counterclockwise.

Remove upper and lower covers from steering column

Remove ignition switch mounting screws. Use tamper proof torx bit Snap-on TTXR20A2 or equivalent to remove the screws or

Gently pull switch away from column. Release connector locks on 7-terminal wiring connector, then remove connector from ignition switch.

Release connector lock on 4-terminal connector, then remove connector from ignition switch

To remove key cylinder from ignition switch:

Insert key in ignition switch. Turn key to LOCK position. Using a TTXR20A2 or equivalent torx bit, remove key cylinder retaining screw and bracket Key or

Rotate key clockwise to the OFF position. Key cylinder will unseat from ignition switch When key cylinder is unseated, it will be approximately 1/8 inch away from ignition switch halo light ring. Do not attempt to remove key cylinder at this time.

With key cylinder in unseated position, rotate key counterclockwise to the lock position and remove key.

With key cylinder in unseated position, rotate key counterclockwise to the lock position and remove key.

Remove key cylinder from ignition switch

Hope this helps

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I found if I move the automatic shift lever back and forth a couple of time and leave the shift lever in neutral it will start. I ordered a park/neutral switch. The problem when checking the item's out the rigg will start. When I am some where else it desides to mess up.

yes is always the case will not have problem when at shop. I did some looking again and still did not see any recalls for shifters not working well. The park neutral switch is a good idea.
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