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Dodge ram 1500: antenna..the fender, but discovered..wiring..tackle

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The antenna on my dodge ram 1500 broke off. I have removed the attachment for it at the fender, but discovered that the wiring connection is under the dash, I guess. Is it possible for the average "Joan" to tackle this? It would help if I had a repair manual but can't find a site online that I can access for free. Is there one? Thanks for your help. Cathy
What Year is your Didge 1500?
Did the Mast break at the Base or is there any part sticking out?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Dodge 1998, the mast broke off at the base, or more precisely, the screw that the mast fits on broke off and so is still in the mast and broken flush with the nut.
  1. Reach under the passenger side of the instrument panel near the right cowl side inner panel to disengage the coaxial cable connector from the retainer clip located on the bottom of the heater-A/C housing.
  2. Remove the foam tape to access the coaxial cable connector. Unplug the connector by pulling it apart while twisting the metal connector halves. Do not pull on the cable.
  3. Securely tie a suitable length of cord or twine to the connector on the end of the coaxial cable half that is being removed from the vehicle. This cord will be used to pull or "fish" the cable back into position during reinstallation.
  4. Remove the antenna cap nut using an antenna nut wrench (Special Tool C-4816) or suitable tool.

  5. Remove the antenna adapter from the top of the fender.

  6. Lower the antenna body and cable assembly through the top of the fender.

  7. Pull the antenna body and cable out through the opening between the right cowl side outer panel and the top of the fender, while feeding the antenna coaxial cable out of the engine compartment through the hole in the right cowl side reinforcement.

  8. Remove the antenna body and cable from the vehicle.

  9. Reverse the removal procedures to install. Tighten the antenna cap nut to 8 N.m (70 in. lbs.) . Tighten the antenna mast to 3.3 N.m (30 in. lbs.) .


Don - Mo Lurch and other Dodge Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX this will work! I am ready to remove the cable from the truck. Can you give me a part # XXXXX the replacement cable and recommend an online site where I can order it? Does the tightening of the mast and antenna cap have to be done with special equipment and to the specs, or can I tighten them so they are "tight"?

I usually tighten by feel....snug....Just don't overtighten the Antenna Mast, because the Stud can twist & break.
You may be able to use your old Nut & Adapter (top part) & just get the Base & Lead #5604301AB

Dodge Part #
Antenna Mast = 56007361

Antenna Base = Nut 56006828, Adapter 56043018, Base & Lead 56043019AB

I usually go to my Local Dodge dealer, but you may be able to find on-line