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Brian W
Brian W, Master Chrysler Tech.
Category: Dodge
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How to remove the door panels on a 2007 Dodge Caliber SE

Customer Question

I want to add power locks and windows but I need to know how to take the door panels off.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Brian W replied 10 years ago.

Hello, This is the first year Chrysler incorporated everthing into the door panel, which means, the whole window regulator is part of the door panel. I have seen them go in and out in school but I have not had the opportunity to remove one myself. Here are the instructions.


1.Remove pull-cup screw (1).

2.Remove window crank (1) from spindle if equipped.

3.Using trim stick C-4755, start at the lower corner and pull in the direction of the arrows. Bolster should unsnap.

4.Remove sock seal (1) and (3) that wraps around switch bezel and wire harness. Disconnect wire connectors (2).
5.Remove switch bezel from bolster.

6.Remove bolster by unsnapping plastic tethers (1) from bolster back side of surface.


1.Remove door plugs.

2.Remove manual window crank if equipped.
3.To remove bolster using trim stick C-4755 start at the lower left corner and pry and slide special tool until bolt unsnaps from clips.
4.Remove glass. (Refer to 23 - BODY/DOOR - FRONT/DOOR GLASS - REMOVAL)

5.Remove fasteners from locations.
6.Disconnect wiring harness from door opening.
7.Remove door module from door.
8.Transfer parts as necessary.


I hope this has helped if so an accept is appreciated

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