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How much should it cost to replace shocks/struts in a 2004 ...

Customer Question

How much should it cost to replace shocks/struts in a 2004 grand caravan?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Steve replied 10 years ago.


According to my parts and labor guide, these are the average prices for this service:

Front struts

Monro or Napa Sensatrac struts (2) required @ 146.50 each = $293.00 for parts

Labor time required = (2) @ 1.9 hrs per side = 3.8 hours

A wheel alignment is also required after front strut replacement since the lower mounting bolts are used to adjust camber angle.


Rear shocks

Napa/ Monro Rear Shock Absorbers (2) required @ 73.20 = 146.40 for parts

labor time required for both rear shocks = .7 hour


LAbor rates vary widely by area, but the national median is around $75 per hour. Using these figures, we have a result of:

parts $439.40

Labor: 4.5 hr @ 75.00 = 337.50

Alignment 50.00



Total cost: $826.90 plus tax

Again, this is an average; actual parts and labor prices do vary somewhat by area, skill of the technician performing the repair, and quality of the parts installed...

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Expert:  Steve replied 10 years ago.

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