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I have a 1999 dodge intrepid 2.7L that has no spark.

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I have a 1999 dodge intrepid 2.7L that has no spark. Here's my long story.
I bought the car and the next day i drove it and the engine blew up, so I found a used engine and put that one in. I followed the instructions on the Haynes manual on how to put the engine in because when I picked up the engine I couldnt get a hold of a truck so I had to disassemble it and put it in the trunk of my car. I am positive I put everything back together good except for the timing. What I think is that maybe I didnt put the correct timing and thats maybe whats causing the "no spark" problem im having. But then, when I found out that I had no spark, I found a mechanic and all he did was jiggle the camshaft sensor then push it in and I cranked it and it started. The thing is that when it did start, it didnt sound good so it was only on for about 15 seconds. it sounded like it was the valves making the tapping noise or something like that. I know it wasnt the piston hitting the valves because the noise wasnt very loud. So then the mechanic suggested it was either the crank or cam sensor. Well, I changed both of them and still no spark. the ignition coils are fine and the spark plugs are fine aswell. I checked the ASD relay and anything in conjuction with the "no spark" and it all turned out ok. The battery is new. One thing I noticed, is that after that time I turned the engine off, a couple of days went by and then the oil light came on. So I checked the oil pressure sending unit and since it was only 5$ I changed it and now it remains on. All the fluids are at their proper level.
So my questions are.

1) could the PCM be out?
2) should I have the timing checked?
3) can an alternator cause a "no spark" problem.
4) why is the oil light on?
5) what is the most probable cause of the no spark problem?

I would greatly appreciate help with this.

You need to check if you have injector pulse and fuel pressure. Also if you have access to a scanner it would be helpfully to know any stored codes (if any).

Major cause of no spark in a junk yard motor would be the lack of oil pressure to the chain tensioner, you might want to try and put a manual oil pressure gauge on the engine to see if your oil pressure is coming up.

Lack of oil changes causes these motors to sludge-up, oil pressure drops & the oil driven timing chain tensioner lets the timing chain go loose enough to cause the Cam/Crank sensors to lose sync.This will set a code by the way.

How far did you tear the engine down??

Please post back, I'll try to help.

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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
I dont see how the injector pulse/ compression have anything to do with the "no spark" issue, but what i did to check that is, I pulled the plugs and they are all a bit wet of gasoline. So by I know I have good compression/ pulse. As for your suggestion with the manual oil pressure test, that really does grab my attention mainly because the oil light is on so that might be whats causing the problem.

when i disassembled the engine, I took the heads off. I didnt need to mess with the main block because it fit with no problem.

I called some shops today and I asked them for a quote on how much it would cost to check my car and fix it, and they said that i would be running about 80/hour, that seems a bit high, what do you think?
They said that since I did the work that it would be hard to pin point the exact problem. then some of the other shops just jumped to the conclusion that i needed a new motor, when i just told them that i just put a "new" one in.
   Im going to check the compression on all cylinders right now hopefully the weather will let me, its pretty cold.

anyway, as i asked in my first post, the 3rd question about the alternator causing a no spark, do you think thats possible, I ask this because ive heard this happen on nissans but I dont know much about dodge.

I'm buckling down for a blizzard here in down state NY

The reason I ask if you have spark and injector pulse is that when certain things are missing it will point you in an orderly direction from a trouble shooting stand point.

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
I see what you mean. The weird thing is that both the injectors and the coils share a fuse at the fuse box and only the injectors are firing but not the coils. Thats why i think that I left the timing off a bit. here's a picture of the fuse box:

I wasnt able to get the compression, hopefully I will be able to do it later today. here's a picture of the engine:
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
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