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About a week ago, I started having a mild itch all over my

Customer Question

About a week ago, I started having a mild itch all over my upper body and scalp. There are absolutely no rashes, discoloration, or any other visual indicators. In the last couple of days, the mild itch has spread to my lower body also.
It's nothing major, but when it happens, I have to stop what I'm doing and mildly massage that area with my fingers.
I've done nothing unusual lately. No new laundry detergent, clothing, etc.
A few years back, I did have something similar, although not as bad. I found the one unusual thing I had done, which was eating 3 pounds of walnuts in a short span. It stopped a few days later, but no link was established.
How would you diagnose further?
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  DermDoc replied 10 months ago.

Hello and thanks for trusting me to help you. I am a board certified consultant with over 30 years of experience.
Please provide more information regarding your question so I can help you in detail.

Associated dryness?

Is it persistent itching or intermittent?

Associated diarrhea?

Heaviness in chest?

Are you taking any medications?


Waiting for your response.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
No dryness.
Intermittent - not persistent.
No diarehha. 3 weeks ago, I was extremely sick for 3 days, and some of that congestion / mucus is still clearing up.
No heaviness in chest.
No medications being taken.
Expert:  DermDoc replied 10 months ago.

Thanks for all these additional information.
I understand your concern.
Well as you describe,possibly it's mild walnut allergy and not serious as you had eaten large amount.

It's good to take OTC Claritin.

And apply calamine lotion/1% hydrocortisone cream on affected area.

You should avoid eating nuts in large amount.

Making sure you use a fragrance-free moisturizer, and don't have your shower or bath water too hot, and drinking plenty of water to hydrate from the inside out will also help.

Generalised pruritis without a rash is a systemic disease in about 50 percent of people. and can be caused due to various causes like iron deficiency, liver disease, kidney disease, and hyper or hypothyroidism, urticaria, particularly dermatographism and systemic forms of contact dermatitis can cause generalised pruritis, even if no rash is visible.

Further tests include CBC, LFTs, Chem 7, thyroid function, iron studies, stool studies for parasites can be done in case of persistent itching.

Having said this,if your symptoms'll persist then see your doctor for further evaluation and management.
Let me know if you have any further query so we can discuss it thoroughly in every aspect.
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It’s my pleasure to continue this conversation until you satisfy.
Waiting for your response.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Just to clarify, the issue with walnuts was 5 years ago, and I haven't eaten many since, even though I could establish a clear link.
Anyway, I'll look through the rest of your recommendations in more detail.
Expert:  DermDoc replied 10 months ago.

Thanks for the follow-up.

You should try such self care measures in the meantime.

As in most of the cases,cause is unknown.

If required allergy panel can be done to rule out specific allergens.

And you then avoid them.

Hope this helps.
Use reply to let me know if you have further queries.
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Bonus is highly appreciated.
We are here to help you until you satisfy.
Waiting for your response.