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Dr. Nair
Dr. Nair, Dermatologist
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My husband burned his legs by kneeling on hot logs ...

Customer Question

My husband burned his legs by kneeling on hot logs ... Didn't realize how bs k he was for 2-3 days .. He said his bathe wax too hot ... In addition to
The burn .. After he wax in hospital 14 days .. He had boils not only where he wax burned . All over his body , extremely painful and the itch wax horrible ... They kept him on very strong pain medicine ecery 2 hrs ... Changed his antibiotics
Several times . Had 4 pic lines out into his arms
Developed blood clots in his arms
They sent him home after 15 days ... Flowes up with our Nurse Praticior ... As they said the blood clots were gone.. However they were not ..
He retuned to work Tuesday... Returned home tonight with awful large boils all over him again ..
Was off work 8 weeks .. As of now there is no way he can work ... Please give us advise who to go to for answers and help
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  Dr Chaithanya replied 1 year ago.


I'm Dr Chaithanya attending you

I'm very sorry to hear about your husband's situation

It might have been very hard to pass the situation

Now tell me, what are his present medications?

What are his present symptoms?

Expert:  Dr Chaithanya replied 1 year ago.

Hi, I see error here "I'm Dr. Will you In attending ithanya" Ignore this sentence

I meant to say, I'm Dr Chaithanya attending you

I'm waiting for your response

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Only tyenol and benedryl
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
He has huge boils with flu old in them all over him
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Fluid I meant
Expert:  Dr Chaithanya replied 1 year ago.

When did this could develop only in the areas of burns or all over the body?

Expert:  Dr Chaithanya replied 1 year ago.

Where did boils develop? I'm the areas of burns or all over the body?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Most all his body
Expert:  Dr Chaithanya replied 1 year ago.

Okay, there is a chance that there could get infected and become abcess. So it is very important to consult a doctor to get antibiotic cream as well as oral antibiotics

Expert:  Dr Chaithanya replied 1 year ago.

It is not advisable to expose to external environmental allergens and pathogens till he is completely recovered as there is high chance of infection and less immunity now.

He should take rest for 1 to 2 weeks

Expert:  Dr Chaithanya replied 1 year ago.

I suggest you to consult doc for boils , and not to neglect, as minor infection can become systemic at this point of time and can lead to serious complications

Encourage him to drink more fluids.

Expert:  Dr Chaithanya replied 1 year ago.

Any further questions please ask

Request you to please leave a positive rating at the top right corner of the page, so that I'm compensated for the answer

Any bonus is appreciated

Wish your husband a speedt recovery

Expert:  Dr. Nair replied 1 year ago.

Apologies for jumping in on this conversation but I feel I may have a significant input - my name is***** and I am a dermatologist this is directly in my area of expertise.

If you see fluid in the bumps then there is a high chance that this is an autoimmune blistering disease (e.g. Bullous Pemphigoid) and not boils. If you could upload some photographs of the affected areas I would be very happy to take a look and provide a much more detailed explanation and course of action.

If not let me know and I will briefly detail the possibilities and the course of action to take.

Expert:  Dr Chaithanya replied 1 year ago.

Unless it is examined we cannot say clearly about it. But due to lie immunity, what ever is the presetation, there are high chances of infection and I need you to take him to the doc as soon as possible

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I rate you awful
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 1 year ago.


I am Dr. thomas.

I am a double board certified US doctor. One of my board certifications is internal medicine.

This means I have been responsible for inpatient and outpatient medical management of patients.

Internists do this on all levels and are the primary doctors responsible for this situaiton.

Please attach a picture here if you can.

If these symptoms are increasing, he needs to go right back to the hospital, particularly if they did not arrange follow up.

Make them do that now.

I am glad to guide you.

OK, so you might have more questions or want to give me more information: Please use reply to expert if you have further questions. Also, please click a positive rating [hopefully excellent (5)—that’s how we are paid, per rating]. If you forgot something, just use reply and come back. I am here

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Did you receive the pic ?
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 1 year ago.


These are blisters not boils.

In this picture they are in the burned area.

So, this is a sign of second degree burning.

This needs careful attention as this can become infected.

You said a nurse practitioner is doing wound care , correct?

Expert:  Dr. Nair replied 1 year ago.

Hello again,

Just got to see the picture you had sent. This is not blistering secondary to a burn - such blisters never spread all over the body and stay localized to the burn area and you have clearly mentioned that you husband had skin lesions all over his body. Furthermore blisters indicate superficial burning and form within 24 hours of a burn, not after 15 days.

Your husbands history is very suggestive of an autoimmune blistering disorder like Pemphigus Vulgaris (PV) or Bullous Pemphigoid (BP). For reasons not clear as of now the patients body starts making proteins known as antibodies that target molecules in the structural framework of skin. This causes the skin cells (keratinocytes) to lose attachment to each other resulting in a skin blister. There are numerous autoimmune blistering skin disorders. A bullous reaction to the drugs he was on in the hospital would be a second possibility - this is called a 'Bullous Drug Eruption' - however this should not have flared after he was discharged and the drugs stopped. So an autoimmune blistering disorder would be the first possibility.

What is required right now is to take him to a Dermatologist for a skin biopsy - this will need to be sent for tests called 'Histopath examination' and 'DIF'. The results usually take 5-7 days but presumptive treatment can be started immediately after taking the skin sample. A blood culture and skin swab for bacterial culture should also be send to rule out blood infection (sepsis).

Mild to moderate bullous pemphigoid can be usually be managed on potent topical steroid (Clobetasol/Halobetasol) creams alone. These should be mixed with an antibiotic cream before application (twice a day). Oral antibiotics like Doxycycline/Tetracycline can be given for their anti-inflammatory effect as can other non-steroidal/non-immunosuppresant adjuvants like Dapsone and Nicotinamide.

For the itching, which can be quite severe in BP, start him on Tab Benadryl 25 mg three times a day or Claritin 10 mg two times a day. His skin must also be kept well moisturized. Stop using soaps for bathing, instead use a soap free body wash and luke warm water.

Regarding the dressing of open sores: Open sores resulting as a result of blisters bursting should be covered with a paraffin gauze+antibiotic cream dressing for faster healing and preventing secondary infection. These should be changed everyday.

For patient's who do not respond to the above oral steroids need to be started in a dose of 0.5-1.0 mg/kg body weight. A steroid-sparing adjuvant like Azathioprine should also be started along with oral steroids. The steroids usually provide excellent control within 1-2 weeks after which they can be gradually tapered off over 4-8 weeks while continuing the Azathioprine for 3-6 months to prevent a relapse. Both of these drugs can make a person susceptible to infection so your doctor will need to monitor your husband with regular blood tests during the course of treatment.

Please feel free to ask if you have any queries.