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My husband has been struggling with a weird skin condition

Customer Question

My husband has been struggling with a weird skin condition for the last 9 months or so but in the last week its become much worse. He feels like there are bugs on his skin and has sharp biting sensations. At first, he thought it was spider mites because of an infest aloe vera plant he was using on bite spots. He has "web" lines in areas of creases wrist, elbow, & ankles that form deep wrinkle like lines. He is able to "unbind" the tissue and almost remove the line by repeatedly rubbing it and using friction. We have investigated a variety of possible causes including chiggers, mites, worms but cannot make a clear connection with any one critter.
He is broke out with what looks like ingrown hairs on his face, chest, legs, and swears the hairs are not hair at all but parasites of some kind. The hairs are white and extremely difficult to remove as well as very painful. I haven't been able to see anything to save as a specimen; although, I have seen the thick white hairs that seem to retreat into the flesh, a long white thing (couple inches loosely coiled up) that had a string like appearance, the bite marks that wont heal, and bulging spots under his skin on his legs and arms, red scratchlike marks on his ankles & wrists.
We have been obsessively cleaning & laundering everything. The vacuum has been going nearly non-stop trying to clean anything that may be causing the itching buggy pests. We did have some issues with jumping spiders so we have used bug bombs/pesticide in the garage & house as well has outside & under the house. I am not sure if this has anything to do with the situation or not, but we recently got two kittens (may) after our cat of 16 yrs died in March. They did have roundworms & still fighting ear mites. I haven't been effected except for feeling the sharp biting sensation on my legs and arms occasionally. He is struggling to stay calm with all the itching & creepy skin sensations. Hot showers seem to help bring the 'organism' out of his body. He is taking grapefruit seed extract drops & garlic supplements to help immune system fight it off. I feel terrible for him and even worse that I don't know what do to help him feel better. He is unable to sleep much and at a panic state for the last two days steady. Any ideas?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

I am sorry he has such bad anxiety. severe anxiety has to be treated with anti-anxiety medications to help make his condition and situation easier to deal with .

bad anxiety can make him pick at his skin and can magnify small itchy symptoms.

you need to check his bed and carpet for fleas and bed bugs which can bite the skin.

you may have to get in an exterminator to inspect the bed and carpets and furniture for fleas and mites

the cats should not be going outdoors which can bring in new fleas and ear mites.

he need needs to see a skin dermatologist specialist to get a skin biopsy and skin scraping to check for scabies skin infection.

has he been on anxiety or psychiatric medications in the past before?