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I am 74 and have been diagnosed with dermatitis on my penis

Customer Question

I am 74 and have been diagnosed with dermatitis on my penis glans and foreskin (uncircumcised) which I have had for years. The dermatologist at our last session about 8 months ago prescribed lenovate/par NOL A1 9j (I think it reads), with the instructions "apply twice a day".
I have been slack to do this lately as I am concerned about the side-effects of prolonged use and have instead applied moisturizer, Vaseline, baby oil etc to the glans which sometimes flares up with two particularly red spots but generally red on other parts as well. The flaring up seems more pronounced since I stopped applying Lenovate and the moisturing efforts don't seem to help particularly in the dry winters we have here in johannesburg.
My questions are:
1. The red spots and eczema on the glans and foreskin do not worry me: I would not even be aware of it if I did not look at my penis and retract the foreskin. Is ignoring the rash advisable or should I continue to use Lenovate for perhaps the rest of my life. In other words could it become a more serious health risk if I do not apply Lenovate regularly?
2. The forefinger I use to apply Lenovate - is there a danger of the finger's skin being eroded? It seems particularly dry at the tip now but I do have cracked, dry heels and toes so perhaps there is no link between this and the Lenovate...? Should I in any event wash my hands after application?
3. I also in dry winters develop red rash in my groin. Should I suntan to combat this or perhaps bath in salt water or apply moisturizer? Thank you for your time.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

vasaline and baby oil are not good ideas for the glands penis. they can block skin pores and cause more skin redness

LENOVATE OINTMENT; LENOVATE CREAM contains betamethasone valerate equivalent of 5 mg betamethasone steroid ointment.

long term use of betamethasone steroid cream can decrease inflammation in an area, but can thin the skin and suppress immune response in the skin in the area.

if the red spots and eczema are not worrisome or symptomatic, then i would not stress about it and only treat it if and when it gets bad which may be never.

you should wash daily and retract the foreskin and wash with mild soap and water daily to keep the area clean.

you should wash your hands after using lenovate

better to use the vasaline or lanolin or thick moisturizers on your dry cracked heels and toes and elbows during the dry winters.

in the groin, often times with excessive moisture or heat, you can have an itchy fungal infection in your groin area. this would be best treated with an antifungal cream or powder or spray.

let me know if you have other questions.

you can also upload photos here for me to review as well