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Have a macule that was shaved off and sent for a biopsy on

Customer Question

Have a macule that was shaved off and sent for a biopsy on 12/23. As of now the results aren't back yet, I'm guessing it's due to the holiday time etc. Here's a brief history of the macule, (I'mcalling it a macule as that was what it was referred to by the nurse practitioner who removed it) that The macule has been on my upper left stomach for as long as I can remember, many years. No change or shape or size, 6mm in diameter and flat. The only change was due by my error, I chemically burned it with hair removal cream. Like literally two applications of it, the second application that did the damage was when the pores of my skin were open. You guessed it, worst pain in my life. I included a picture of it right after it happened . It actually ruptured the middle part of the macule. This trauma happened in July of 2014.
So fast forward to December of 2015 and while battling some anxiety about non health related things, i became fixated on this macule. I made an appointment the next day to see the dermatologist. She removed it because I'm fair skinned and have a history of atypical moles. She said it looked irregular but was leaning towards it being okay once I told her the history, stable size and shape and explained the redness in the center has to be from when it ruptured in the past.
I did the smart thing and went for a full body check at another dermatologists office as the one I had the macule removed at, doesn't have the greatest reputation. I found a dermatologist that is affiliated with ***** ***** Johnson hosptial in NJ. Right away I could tell this guy knew what he was doing, he wasnt a Nurse practitioner or Physician's assistant but a legit top rated dermatologist. Heused a newly released dermascope that used LED lighting to illuminate the skin under any lession. I was expecting to walk out of there with a few moles removed due to my my surprise, none were bad. He saw my biopsy wound and I told him i had pictures of the macule removed. He asked to see them, he remarked that he didn't think it was a mole or melanoma either but of course I know the drill, patholgy will tell us what it is. I'm anxiously waiting this pathology report and my gut tells me im ok as I know the history of it. No itching, ulceration etc. I've included two pictures of how it looks under normal lighting and one on how it looks like with heavy flash. The third picture shows what it looked like 17 months ago when it was ruptured and burned. I;ve gotten two opinions that it is benign. My remaining questions are is there any clinical signs of any reason at all that this could come back as malignant (melanoma). Am I wrong for suggesting the central red area is directly related to the trauma it had? Before that trauma, it was always a a light brown/tan and reddish in color. How does the pathology process for mole biopsies really work? If they actively started the process on it on 12/28, they probably would know soon thereafter if it were cancerous correct? If so, I'm sure the Dermatologist for tha toffice would be notified right away and not notofied by paperwork two weeks later right? I'll be going into my third week of waiting for results on Monday and honestly just anxious. Do you think the pictures of the macule I've uploaded have a chance of being melanoma at all?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dermatology
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
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