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dermdoc19, Dermatologist
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I developed little red acne/folliculitis like bumps on my

Customer Question

Hi there. I developed little red acne/folliculitis like bumps on my shoulder region in late July after getting them waxed for the first time. I got them waxed in the Australian winter and then straight into the European summer on vacation. After trying different over the counter creams while being away for 5 weeks, I got back to Australia and tried another over the counter steroid cream, exfoliating, Bactroban cream my GP put me on and then after that not working he put me on a combo of akamin tablets and salicylic acid. After all these attempts there was still no improvement and my gp referred me to a dermatologist who put me on accutane. 20 mg per day for the first 2 weeks and then 40mg until I see him in a few weeks. I have combined this with benzoyl peroxide 10% cream and have just started using that since Sunday. I have been reading up about it and saw a thing called clindamycin phosphate which looks like it could work. What are your opinions on this? I am unsure if the waxing has caused this problem and if it is folliculitis whether the accutane and benzac cream will help it? I am so worried and paranoid that this won't clear up/will scar because it hasn't responded to anything so far. It also really flares up and goes really red and spotty when I exercise. The rest of my skin is really good and always has been, I'm just so depressed about this and have been since it occurred. Thanks you for your time
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  DrDon replied 1 year ago.

Hi Matt. Have you gone back to the dermatologist? It would seem that he (or she) should look again and help you decide on your next step. Try to keep your chin up, as these things usually clear up. However, you do need to stay on top of it, by going back to see the doctors that have been trying to help.

Best to you Matt,

Dr DonMD