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Dr. Nair
Dr. Nair, Dermatologist
Category: Dermatology
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Experience:  MBBS, MD (Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology)
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Just recently I would say 5 days ago I noticed an unusual

Customer Question

Just recently I would say 5 days ago I noticed an unusual itch I my shaft and near the head of my penis I masturbate usually 3-4 times a day, didn't think much of it. 2 days ago I noticed a small scab under the head on the extra pink skin on the shaft of the penis. No pain just an itch from time to time. Scab is not discharging anything and is red/dark red in color. Due to my routine I have just masturbated and the area where the scab is, is now a good size bump. Again no pain. Really freaked out about it
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  Dr. Nair replied 2 years ago.


Thank you for your question. My name is***** and I will do my best to provide a useful input.

Would a photograph of the affected area be possible at your convenience?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Here are some pics swelling went down since earlier
Expert:  Dr. Nair replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for the photograph. To me this just looks like a penile cut with some central hemorrhagic crusting which is causing the appearance of a bump. Cuts like this can occur when masturbating with dry penile skin, so using lubrication such as KY jelly or baby oil is helpful. Already having a cut and masturbating can make it bleed which can dry up as a darkish bump. No cause for alarm. Just apply Bacitracin ointment twice a day on the affected area and do not masturbate or have sex for the next week to give the penile skin a chance to recover. Nothing further is required.

You can buy Bacitracin ointment over the counter without a prescription.

Please feel free to ask if you have any queries. I will be happy to continue further and do everything I can to provide you with the service you seek.