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WILL TIP or Pay more.. Please help! Last doctor never

Customer Question

WILL TIP or Pay more.. Please help! Last doctor never answered me even after paid extra. Hello, about a week ago after being in the high heat for about an hour, I started itching and face felt a bit strange around the outside edges of my face. Since that
night, I felt itching and slight crawling or even bite type pinching sensations on various parts of my body over the weekend. Being a bit paranoid, started researching and most of symptoms led me to scabies. I had only 1 mosquito bite looking bump on my upper
back that Friday. I continued to itch seemingly starting worse at about 5-6pm on my face etc. The more I thought about it, the more it itched. I live alone and am single. I have washed clothes, towels and beddings every few days in hot water and dried on high
heat I used tea tree oil, alcohol, sulfur soap etc since then which seemed to better my situation. I had occasional pimple like / mosquito size bumps on my face (1 or 2) but no bumps out of ordinary for entire week. No diet changes, product changes and only
medication been using is on my toes for fungal treatment for past month or so) Something worth noting, I wear sport coats to work.. (not new) was what I was wearing when in heat and face felt odd. I wore same coat and shirt today (i did not put coat in bag
for 3 days but i did wash the shirt accordingly). When I got to work, i noticed an immediate 2 bumps next to each other on my finger that itched, but after putting sulfur butter on it, it completely disappeared within 5-10 minutes. When I went to lunch, it
was extremely hot as it was the other day I felt strange. Again I started itching much more and I broke out into slight rash on my neck (beneath my collar) and chest. (approximately 8 sporatic itchy bumps) I purposely didn't put cream on it to see what would
happen. Once I started to cool off, the redness (from scratching) and the bumps started to go away within about 30 minutes because I had to go back out into the heat to get back to office. (once back in office disappeared within 10-15 min after cooling off)
Another Note: A few mornings this past week or at night when laying down to sleep, My eyelids feel a bit off. Slight sticky in morning (barely) when first opening and a little more sleep (crust) than usual. Not every day, but feels like crawly a few times.
I thought I possibly saw trails on my hands by my knuckles but the lines are straight and its not red at all. very smooth like scars. A few of which are definitely scars because I remember them. Hoping just never look at my hands so maybe didn't remember them.
My dilemma is I have to go to my nephews bday party Saturday and I do not want to infect him. I have called my Dermatologist and 2 others who are all on vacation until 24th. I have an appointment with my general doctor Wednesday but feel Dermatologist would
know best. Is it possible for scabies to cause immediate bumps that disappear within minutes? Can I feel the scabies in early stages prior to the bumps or signs? Does it sound like I have scabies? I greatly appreciate your help!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
1. When I got home took shirt off while talking on phone for about 30 min. and saw 1 bump on my upper arm and 1 on backside of shoulder of other arm. Be surprised if mosquito got me that quick.
Then I had 2 bumps on the one arm instead of 1 and multiple ones near where i had them earlier. see attached. It itches but no crazy itch. How can they come on so sudden? could scratching cause this?
2. last blood work a year ago was perfect except lil high cholesterol but lost 10 pounds since and stopped fried foods and soda.
3. Was diagnosed by my primary doctor with epidyditimis about 6 months ago and was unfortunately prescribed cipro for 1 week which I took about 5 months ago but did not help. I have never had any pain from it though.
4. Started using ciclopirox creme for my toenail fungus (caused by smashing toe in door) about 1 month ago.
5. I even I stopped being allergic to mosquitos for past 5 years.. until maybe recently
Update I took a very hot shower after the multiple bumps showed up and used sulfur soap and put tea tree oil on after shower. Bumps have almost completely disappeared within an hour.
Expert:  DocPhilMD replied 2 years ago.

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Expert:  DocPhilMD replied 2 years ago.
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