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RE: "Rash on upper buttocks crack" which I read about on

Customer Question

RE: "Rash on upper buttocks crack" which I read about on your website
Would medicate powder (Caldesene with zinc oxide) which I use for other rashes on the creases of my leg in the front, be an appropriate treatment for the rash on the top crack of my buttocks? I understand that the rash is due to moisture, and keeping the area dry has solved this problem in the front.
Also, I have a rash on my shoulder that does not bother me very much but has been chronic for a year or more. A dermatologist prescribed fluocinonide ointment and Fluticasone cream, and this seems to be partially effective, but does not get rid of the rash completely. Would this be appropriate treatment for this rash on the upper crack of my buttocks?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 2 years ago.
Please attach a picture
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I asked a question (see above) but did not get an adequate reply (see above -- "Please attach a picture"). However, I received my credit card bill and found out that on Aug 10 you charged me anyway, $29 plus $5. Please refund these charges.
James xxxxxx ***@******.***
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 1 year ago.
Experts have nothing at all to do with your financial dealings with just answer.
We use the site from our end, as you use the site from yours.
I asked for a picture because you are asking for treatment of a rash.
You don't, apparently, have a diagnosis for this rash, and have not been to a doctor.
We do not diagnose or treat on this site. We answer questions. That is posted all over the site.
However, I can set you in the right direction.
Please attach a picture of your rash, or upload it to and let me have the link
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I prefer a refund. I will ask my credit card company to try to arrange this with JustAnswer.
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 1 year ago.
That is fine.
If you would like to save time to have any medical questions, health question, or integrative/holistic/etc. medical question answered, you can do so by finding me by request in medical.
Use a long request lock, and "for Dr. Thomas only" in the title.
If you get placed in the wrong category or someone else jumps onto the question, ask customer service for help.
I am here daily.
If you contact customer service now, they can help you with your money issues.
I am board certified in integrative medicine, internal medicine, trained in functional medicine and homeopathy, etc. I am here daily: use my request link as needed and “for Dr. Thomas” in the question title. Give that link to friends, family, associates, etc. Find me as needed for correct, safe and accurate answers.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I clicked on the link given on the JustAnswer webpage for "Customer Care", and here is what received back:
Sorry, the website ww2.http cannot be found
Search results for: 'just answer'
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I guess the advertised "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" (see above) is not honored, or at least it is made too hard to get.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I just received notification of refunds for the two charges ($5 and $29). I am impressed that my request was handled so quickly. Thank you.