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Dr. Rick, MD
Dr. Rick, MD, Board Certified MD
Category: Dermatology
Satisfied Customers: 11363
Experience:  20+ years as a doctor. Internal Medicine Internship in NYC
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Mites? Need multibexpert advice. Household problem. I have

Customer Question

Mites? Need multibexpert advice. Household problem. I have skin visible symptoms and now has spread to scalp. Cat is scratching, biting & itching herself. Parrot has excessive white dander, is itching picking at feathers. Dermatologists cannot figure it
out. My 2 pets do not go outdoors. Ive been treated with permethrin & ivectrim. In Las Vegas & no fleas. Exotic Bird Vet had no ideas. Ive had my bird 30 years & never experienced this. My daughter is getting bites on her face. No visible bed bugs. Threw out
bed. Wash everything constantly on hot. Fogged apartment. How can my bird, cat, self & child all have same symptoms? What kind of mite spray is safe for parrots? Taking cat to vet today for skin scraping. This has been going on 7 to 8 months. I am concerned
we have an infestation. I live in the desert & I dont see any fleas. The parrot has not lost any feathers. I am affected the worst. I dont know how to identify problem & have been trying to control it. Pest Control companies said they dont deal with mites.
Ready to throw out more furniture. What is a safe dip for Parrot? Why wont flea drops cure cat? Also, since I have not been cured what avenues do I take for identifying problem & resolving this. The Parrot has a lot of white sand dander gathering around cage.
Only 2 bird Vets in town. Cat has small scabbed patch and biting and itching herself. Bird constantly grooming herself. I itch terribly with burrows & crusty patches, small itchy bumps, blisters. Daughter has what she thinks is small acne or mosquito bites.
I am sleeping on plastic shower curtain and blow up mattress. Our lives are upside down. I also spray my clothes with Permethrin spray from REI. My skin has white sand things if I pick them. Trying not to pick them. Scalp same. Scalp had many but am keeping
it more contolled with borax baths & borax shampoo mix. Black hard specks. One tiny black speck did smear blood in bathtub, when squished. I cannot see any small mite moving. Its puzzeling & cannot seem to get situation resolved. Ive tried ignoring it. Ive
treated it as bacterial, antifungal, eczema, permethrin & ivectrim. Ive been on Doxycycline for 2months. It is worse at night but failed to be cured with Permethrin treatments. This is costing a lot of money. Thousands. I also wanted to say that I have tried
not treating it with harsh products. Using sensitive skin soaps & tried only extra moisture for a month. That did not work & it spread.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  Dr. Rick, MD replied 2 years ago.

Hi. Dr Rick here. I completed an Internal medicine internship in NYC and have two decades of clinical experience.

As much as you might not like to hear this it sounds to me like you are not actually suffering from parasitic infections -- and this is why your doctors can't find them and none of your treatments are working -- but rather you suffer from a common psychiatric condition where you BELIEVE you have parasites.

Here is a very good article from a highly respected source that you might find helpful:

This condition is very difficult to treat, as you might imagine.

I suggest you consult with a medical team well versed in helping patients such as yourself.

Does this make sense to you?

I realize that this was not the answer you were hoping to hear but it would be unfair to you and unprofessional of me were I provide you with anything less than truthful and honest information.
Surely, you prefer that I tell the truth rather than what you wish to hear. Because it reflects very poorly on me unless you press one of the top three feedback choices, keep this in mind when rating my answer and please do not punish me for being honest. I understand that this may not be easy to hear, and I empathize.
Even though my answer was not quite what you were hoping for, please understand that my priority was to provide you with the most honest information. With that in consideration, I hope that you found my answer useful. Please click the excellent feedback button so that I can receive credit for my efforts.

Dr. Rick MD FACS

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Actually, I would rather it not be mites. Two Primary Drs gave me the idea of mites. I thought it was acne. Thats when I was told to wash on hot & cleaning, etc. Then I was told it was eczema since i didnt respond to Permethrin. The condition has improved but recurs. How could a persons mind create a physical rash? Youre answer gives me peace of mind though. I hope you are correct. Also, i did contract bed bug bites & scabies from a hotel 10 years ago. The Health Inspector proved it & i was awarded 20k in damages. Time will tell. Thanks for insight.
Expert:  Dr. Rick, MD replied 2 years ago.

My pleasure. Have a good week.

Don't forget to mash the positive feedback button for me...the one labeled "excellent" is the most fun to push by far ;)

It's safe for you to press the positive feedback button now if you so desire. And, never fear, even after you press that button I don't go up in a puff of smoke -- I'll still be right here to continue helping you, but, as I do work for tips, I want to make sure you are happy before rating me.

Dr. Rick MD FACS

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
1) Shouldn't I have had a skin scraping done?
2) If there is a problem would prophylactic permethrin have cured it ?
3)Wouldnt it be wise to be cautious & exclude all possibilities?4) What if i ignore it and it gets worse?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I dont want to push the button of excellence that you think its delusional. I dont want a mite diagnosis either. I just want to know if there are any possibilities before I buy a new expensive bed.
Expert:  Dr. Rick, MD replied 2 years ago.
I would not buy a new expensive bed.
Mashing, if you prefer, a lesser positive feedback button is a lot cheaper....