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I just noticed that my 3 year old has a mole on her scalp

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I just noticed that my 3 year old has a mole on her scalp where we pull her hair back. In the last 6 months she has started developing several moles. Is this normal? I have 100+ moles with at least 10 dysplastic moles (no Cancer yet) but none on my scalp. If I can send a picture can you tell me if I should be concerned? It is about 4 mm in size, doesn't feel raised or look scabbed or ulcerated.

These answers are for informational purposes and do not replace a physician head-to-head visit. A patient-physician relationship is not established.

Thank you for asking your question and having the foresight of enclosing a picture.

While this mole does look benign judging from the picture, I would recommend a visit to a dermatologist. Most of us are using a special light called a dermatoscope, and this can help give you further reassurance. I would suggest consulting the dame dermatologist who has been tracking your dysplastic nevi, rather than her pediatrician. Your dermatologist is probably availing him or herself with the dermatoscope.

I would be happy to answer further questions.

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Are moles on th scalp like this normal? It takes almost 3 months to get in with my dermatologist so I want to make sure that this isn't urgent.
Yes, they can be normal. It should be OK to observe this, and if she needs to see a pediatrician, the pediatrician can look at it.Of course, if it enlarges, darkens, bleeds or itches you should an and ask if the dermatologist right away.