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Lupus blister, or herpes blistersI i have systemic lupus and

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lupus blister, or herpes blistersI i have systemic lupus and genital herpes (gift from late husband)
At times of stres I break out with Lupus blisters but have not had a herpes episode in years until recently.
How do I tell the difference when they occur outside the vaginal area?

How big are the blisters and how long do they usually last?

Where else on the body do you get Lupus Blisters?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
when I was first diagnosed with systemic lupus 1997, large blisters first appeared on my feet,, arms, chest,and torso. They are itchy, painful, and all so lovely. My bioposy was sent to three different labs before a diagnosis could be made.

Herpes would come years later, and with RA and Lupus, it almost killed me. They can look similar,however, the Lupus blisters can be all over the map in size, Herpes are fairly consistent.What i have now are about a quarter inch, itch and sore. They are in various parts of my body...two behind each knee, one on my arm. Two in my pubic hair area, three large sores in my inner thigh and one just outside my vigina. None,howver, that I can feel inside my vigina...Some hae been there for weeks. So what do you think Doc??

Thank you for the information. Given your current clinical picture I am fairly certain that there are Lupus Blisters. Herpetic blisters are smaller and clustered in one area (most often the genital region). I would have considered Bullous Pemphigoid as well (an autoimmune blistering disorder) but for the fact that your blisters have been conclusively proved to be because of Lupus.

When the blisters occur outside the vaginal area, apart from the herpetic blisters being smaller and clustered the fact that they will dry up within 7-10 days will differentiate them from lupus blisters. There may also be slight burning while urinating with herpetic blisters and enlarged glands in the groins. A simple rule of thumb would be that if the blisters are located outside or inside the labia (vaginal lips), are small and clustered and present only on one side (left or right) then they are herpetic. If there is only one or two isolate large blisters (which may or may not be tense) then there are most likely Lupus Blisters.

Hope this helps, please feel free to ask if you have any queries.

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