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Small red bump near the base of my penis

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I have a small red bump near the base of my penis. Originally after shaving it was darker, so i popped it thinking it was a pimple. It went away. 2 months later, in teh same spot, I noticed, after shaving that it was small red bump in the same place?

Hello and thanks for using JustAnswer. I will be glad to be of assistance
What you are describing sounds like bacterial infection of the skin called furuncle.
Is there a photo you could post here?
it kinda looks like a scar now since i popped it a while ago

originally i thought it was an ingrown hair, due ti ots darker color and the fact it went away, but after shaving again the same spot was red again

Dermadoc :
thanks for the photo
its definitely a bacterial infection, which got irritated again after shaving.
nothing worrisome.
ok thank god. how do i cure it?

Dermadoc :
i would recommend that you can apply neosporin cream over it twice a day.
I am only sexually active with one person for years. So i was scared and didnt know what do and i didnt want to confront her thinking she gave me something if she wasnt cheating
ok how long till it goes away you think? Can it again return?

Dermadoc :
putting a triple antibiotic ointment would actually aggravate the bacteria as it contains a steroid cream.
i thought neo sporin is triple antibiotic ointment?
thats what i use

Dermadoc :
no,its not acquired sexually
triple antibiotic ointment contains a steroid cream called cortisone, an antifungal cream and neosporin
how long till it heals? Will it return again?

Dermadoc :
it will heal in a week.
ok i started neosporin yesterday

Dermadoc :
it may not return again, however sometimes due to shaving, the bacteria gain entry into the skin through some erosion.
in the same place?

Dermadoc :
that causes this, that place is already susceptible.
hence it can happen in the same place.
ok. Thank you!!! I am so relieved!
what if it isnt gone in a week?
could it then be something else?

Dermadoc :
it will go away, in case it doesnt you can use bactroban cream twice a day.
it doesnt seem to be anything else right now
please dont worry.
ok thank you. So if still there in a week, then use bactroban?

Dermadoc :
yes thats right.
ok thank you so much have a great day!

Dermadoc :

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