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Dr. Shahz
Dr. Shahz, Dermatologist
Category: Dermatology
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Experience:  MBBS, MCPS, MD
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I have what look like white pimples on my scrotum.

Resolved Question:

I have what look like white pimples on my scrotum. I have actually popped one in the past and a hard like cheese texture came out.

They are very hard to pop practically impossible. I have had one or two there for years but just recently they are starting to multiple and I'm concerned. My scrotum is now starting to feel rough to the touch.

What are they? Why have they started multiplying? How can I get ride of them?!

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  Dr. Shahz replied 5 years ago.

Dr.shahz :

Would you be able to upload the pictures of the lesions please? If not, I'll try to get as much information as i can to reach to a conclusion

How big these pimples are? Do they itch or bleed? Can you squeeze that cheesy material from it easily?
JACUSTOMER-232azo8c- :

Not very big couple of millimeters in diameter. They stick out slightly not flat to the skin hence the rough feeling. No pain or itching or bleeding. I can't squeeze them easily no i've tried but only ever managed it once...

they are covered by a normal layer of skin that I feel I would need to cut to get the hard cheese like substance out

Dr.shahz :

Are you on any prescribed medications for any medical illness at all?

JACUSTOMER-232azo8c- :

No I'm not

Dr.shahz :
I have got the image thanks [images not shown here for privacy]
There are three possibilities
1- MilIa which are small cysts containing body protein called keratin. The information I have gathered from you is suggestive of that. These are harmless so that's a good news. They can be left alone if not infected or enlarged in size or get inflamed. They are common in all ages and can occur anywhere
JACUSTOMER-232azo8c- :

How do I get ride of them?

Dr.shahz :
Milia often disappear spontaneously after a number of months. But they can be easily removed by breaking the skin surface with a sterile needle and scraping out the contents.but it should only be done by a dermatologist or a GP with some dermatological experience as it is a simple procedure.
JACUSTOMER-232azo8c- :

From my past experience with them - the one I eventually burst - it had been there for a couple of years. As these are so hard I can't see them going by themselves ...

Okay cool. I'm going to my STD clinic this week will they sort it there for me?

Will I always have this or will it go and come?

What where the other 2 options?

Dr.shahz :
The second thing which resembles the milia is called SEBOCYSTOMA which is the enlargement of the sebaceous gland and it's again a harmless condition of the skin.
But the size in that condition should be between 1-3 cm
Which is again not favoring it but can occur in exceptional circumstances.
The treatment is again the same as for milia.
JACUSTOMER-232azo8c- :

No these are much much smaller

The third?

Why are they now multiplying?

Dr.shahz :
The only thing which I must rule out on a skin biopsy for a patient like in your case would be CALCINOSUS CUTIS which is an abnormal accumulation of calcium deposition in this fashion
JACUSTOMER-232azo8c- :

Okay so a needle and pop them out by a dermatologist or gp ... Anything else I can do in the meantime?

Dr.shahz :
If they are multiplying then you have to see a dermatologist to rule out Calcinisus Cutis.for which they will do a biopsy and some blood tests to determine the calcium levels in the body which may be increased.
And the treatment would be removal of the lesions surgically and medications to lower down the calcium if confirmed on biopsy.
I am afraid that there is no other treatment as such but you should be carefully observe the lesions for further multiplication,infection or enlargement.
Discuss these conditions and treatments with your family doctor and hopefully you ll get rid of it completely as all these conditions are not life threatening.
JACUSTOMER-232azo8c- :

They are definitely multiplying and becoming more prominent if not any bigger than 3 millimeters

Dr.shahz :
But if needs to be sure then they should take a biopsy from the site to be 100% sure what that is.
JACUSTOMER-232azo8c- :

Yeah they are just a bit ugly and I have stopped having sex because of it

Dr.shahz :
So then you definitely need an appointment with your dermatologist for a physical examination and further evaluation.
I hope this discussion would have cleared many doubts.
JACUSTOMER-232azo8c- :

Yes it has been very helpful thank you.

I was concerned it might have been forbes or something when it covers all your skin with bumps and there's nothing you can take for this?

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