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Dr. Shahz
Dr. Shahz, Dermatologist
Category: Dermatology
Satisfied Customers: 243
Experience:  MBBS, MCPS, MD
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I have a red sensitive spot on my penis that wont go away.

Resolved Question:

I have a red sensitive spot on my penis that wont go away. It will heal then shortly after it will become dry and crack and the cycle will start all over. Can you help me with this?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  Dr. Shahz replied 5 years ago.
Dr.shahz : Hi
Dr.shahz : Would you be able to upload the any pictures of the site please
Dr.shahz : How long have you had this ?
Dr.shahz : Are you still there?

Ive had it for over a year, Ill see about some pictures.

Dr.shahz : Is there any itch or oozing from the spot?any scaling or flakes?
Dr.shahz : Have you got any history of Atopic dermatitis or Eczema?

It does itch but really doesnt ooz it does scale and fake as well. And no on the dermatitis or eczema. The spot is small in an oval shape about 1/4 inch in size

Dr.shahz : Was there any blisters or vesicles on the site when you first noticed it?

No just tender red spot of skin.

Dr.shahz : Have you got this type of eruption any where else on your body ?


Dr.shahz : Are you circumcised ?

yes but its right on the circumcision scare.

Dr.shahz : Ok thanks for your information provided.
Dr.shahz : One last question any history of unprotected sex before the appearance of the spot?

Yeah a couple times.

Dr.shahz : Right

What test can I get done to see what this is. And why isnt it going away?

Dr.shahz : Its seems to me that you have got a common inflammatory condition which involves the genitals called Balanitis,it's a harmless inflammatory condition and can be treated.

Treated how?

Dr.shahz : As you have not seek any medicines then there is a possibility of eczematous change in it.
Dr.shahz : I am giving you the prescription ok


Dr.shahz : Start applying 1% Clotrimazole cream + 1% Hydrocortisone cream in equal 1:1 parts to the affected area twice a day for two weeks.
Dr.shahz : Also Tablet Zyrtec once a day for two weeks

can I get this over the counter?

Dr.shahz : It will also need an emollient called Aqueose cream especially before going to bed and after shower
Dr.shahz : Please avoid harsh soaps,frequent washing and anti septic creams .
Dr.shahz : Take good care of hygiene
Dr.shahz : All these medications are available over the counter

sounds good, what do I do after 2 weeks if no change?

Dr.shahz : I would say that the treatment should respond in 7 days if the problem persists then you need to see your Gp or dermatologist to have a physical examination and to rule out Warts,Ecema,Psoriasis and Herpes infection which are other possibilities if not responding to this treatment ok

ok thanks

Dr.shahz : As you have unprotected sex quite a few times so it's better to see your GP to rule out sexually transmitted disease and I would advise strict protection in future.
Dr.shahz : Because you are young and I don't want you to face any trouble because of this.
Dr.shahz : I hope this discussion would have cleared many doubts

will do, I was tested while I had this problem and the doctor said I was clean. But a second opinion is always good. If it was an STD would it respond the the prescribed treatment?

Dr.shahz : I you think that this conversation was helpful then you can ACCEPT ,a positive feedback would be appreciated.
Dr.shahz : Stds have a range of conditions and every one has it's own line of treatment but if you had the related tests and they are clear then it's very unlikely to be STDs,I would stick to the Balanitus.

All I need to hear, thanks have a good one.

Dr.shahz : There is an other itchy chronic inflammatory condition called Lichen Planus and it can occur in the same area but it can be confirmed only on biopsy,that's why I recommend seeing a dermatologist if the treatment doesn't respond in 7-10 days time maximum.
Dr.shahz : You are welcome,All the best,hope to answer more questions in future aswell.
Dr.shahz : Is there any other question you wanna ask?
Dr. Shahz and 2 other Dermatology Specialists are ready to help you