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Itchy scalp especially in the crown of my head, Reasons?

Customer Question

I have itchy scalp especially in the crown of my head, the dermatologist does not see anything (all three of them). The dermatologists have given me DORYX, MINOCYCLINE, Alcortin (no help) other than that anti itch and anti inflammatory.I have taken full blood test which includes check for HIV hepatitis diabetes all ruled out.

Because of this I have tried tea tree oil and use Pert all in one shampoo (also tried Selsun blue). I find that if I wash ny hair in the shower I will get zit like bumps on my body that does not have a head that you can not pop. I treat it with tree tree oil and it goes away.

If I wash my hair in the sink I only get those Zits where the water from my hair washes down to. I have told this to my doctors, they say that is not how it works, on top of it they don't see anything. This I have noticed about a year and a half but I think has been there for longer than that.

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  Dermadoc replied 6 years ago.

Dermadoc :

Hello. Is it that when you do not wash your hair and just take a bath also you get these zits? Also do you have any zits on your scalp? Do these zits go away on their own?

Customer: I wash my hair everyday, if I do it in the shower I could get a zit on my body it may come up anywhere the water goes. My feet does not get zits but they feel uncomfortable (as if something is growing on it) if I don't clean it. If I wash my hair in the sink there are no zits on my body only on my face where the water runs down my face.
I can feel a very small bump (not the same as the zits) in the crown of my head but the doctor does not see anything,( I clean my head everyday). The bumps will take a long time to go away compared to if I treat it with tea tree oil. Some of the bumps on my face can be below the skin and it can feel like a BB below your skin with no head to pop.
The zits will go away by them self if you do not let the water from your head flow to it. Tea tree oil makes it go away faster.
Dermadoc :

There is a condition known as pityriasis folliculitis. Its like a fungal infection. The fungus can affect the scalp as well as the skin and can cause zits. My advise will be to try out the treatment I recommend. Without examining your scalp and the zits, I cant make a confirmed diagnosis, I am giving you a probable diagnosis.

Dermadoc :

The treatment will be worth a try. Nizoral shampoo for hair wash every alternate day. Nizoral cream twice a day on zits. Please follow this regimen for a month.

Please let me know if you have any queries.

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<span style="font-size: 1em;line-height: 1em;" class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer:Is there a test that I can have done to isolate this?What type of doctor would I go to so I could have this done? I do find this very useful, I like the fact that I have time to think about what you are saying and research of my own. Is there other over the counter fungal medicine that I can try?

Dermadoc :

Nizoral may be available over the counter, if not then go for lotrimin cream, this is over the counter. You need to see a dermatologist. A fungal scraping from the zits and observed under the microscope, it can help to isolate it. Please let me know your queries.

Also I would like to mention that you can take tab. flucoanzole 150 mg once a week for 4 weeks. This will require a prescription.