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I am 52 yr old female & get frequent sores on my face that

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I am 52 yr old female & get frequent sores on my face that won't heal unless I open them up with tweezers (looking in a 10x mirror) and pull out one or more little opaque things that I'll call "plugs" for lack of a better term. What are these things & what causes the sores?  The plugs remind me of one of those tiny pieces you find when you pull apart of piece of citrus fruit.  Some sores seem to have only one of these things in it, other sores are bigger and have multiples of them.  These little things are sometimes difficult to pull out.  When I do finally get a hold of one I can feel it pulling inside my skin until it finally lets loose and comes out.  Once it's out it leaves a tiny hole that may or may not bleed.  That hole goes away within an hour or two and the sore heals within a couple days.  I have been getting these sores off an on for most of my adult life and would really like to be free of them.
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dermdoc19 :

These may be keratin plugs. It will take a while to get rid of them and a concerted effort on your part. You should be on a Retinoid medication such as Tazorac or Retin A. You should begin on a lower strength and work your way up to the strongest. Is your skin dry or oily? If oily then Tazorac gel 0.1.

dermdoc19 :

You should wash your face twice a day with Neutragena Clear Pore. In the morning apply Brevoxyl 5 gel and at night Tazorac.

dermdoc19 :

A salacylic acid or a pumpkin peel will also help clear the keratin plugs.

dermdoc19 :

For that you should see an aesthetician. Ask for a pumpkin peel with deep pore extractions.

dermdoc19 :

I am sure this will help. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you so much! You've renewed my hope that I might actually be able to have clear skin.

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